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Soya Question


I have noticed that I have symptoms when consuming large quantities of milk and lately yoghurts and cheese so have been trying to go dairy free as well as Gluten Free. This is proving slightly difficult as I cannot find a decent milk alternative to make a good cup of tea. I have tried searching for answers on here and in google but there are many different thought trains on Soya. Now I knwo it can inhibit Thyroxin absorption and needs to be taken about 4 hours away from tablets but what are your thoughts on having soya products in tea and yoghurts only as I cannot stand the other alternatives and yoghurt and cheese wise there is very little alternatives.

Do you think small amounts of soya are ok or is it better to not have soya at all. I am finding this all quite confusing with the amount of research and opinions there are out there.

Thank you


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For me personally I'm not a fan of soya and dairy is the lesser evil.

Although I never have milk I do like cheese! Not sure how it likes me so have eliminated all dairy for two months and gradually reintroducing to gage whether I have a reaction. If I do then will remove it permanently from my diet. You could try an elimination to find out specifically which dairy products cause you problems - could be ok with sheep/goats but not cows.

The best "milk" alternative I've found is a Koko coconut milk.

MCP80 in reply to Kes8

Thank you Kes8, I have been having Soya milk unsweetened in my tea as that for me is the best without using milk. I like coconut milk for hot chocolate though but teas just isn't the same with any other alternatives. I only have 1 maybe 2 cups so nothing major but I like yoghurt on muesli with fresh fruit and not many yoghurt alternatives. Cheese wise I seem to be able to tolerate edam and gouda but not much else as my stomach ends up bubbling.

No, soya does not inhibit thyroxin absorption. It inhibits the uptake of iodine by the thyroid gland. But, it also inhibits the uptake of T3 by the cells. And, my personal opinion is that it is far better to avoid it completely. :)

MCP80 in reply to greygoose

Any good alternatives you could recomend then please as at the moment running out of things to try as don't like any alternative milks in tea and there are no yoghurt alternatives other than soya either. 😭

greygoose in reply to MCP80

Well, I thought soya milk in tea was pretty ghastly! lol I now use goat milk. It doesn't upset me in any way. You can get goat cheese, too - the best are those you grill, don't know if you can get those where you are - and probably goat yoghurt, too. I've had that and it's lovely. I've even had goat butter. But soya really is pretty nasty stuff, if you google it - read Dr Mercola on soy! It's really not a health food, and I wouldn't recommend anyone consumes it in any form.

MCP80 in reply to greygoose

Just shows how different we all are as I cannot stand goats anything it just doesn't taste nice to me but for soya milk depending on which one you get for me is the best tasting milk alternative.

greygoose in reply to MCP80

Maybe best tasting, but still not good for you.

Bunnyjean in reply to MCP80

Almond milk

There are coconut yoghurts.

Thank you for your reply. I am dabbling with lots of different alternatives and thank you for the note about Costa adding soya milk to other alternatives. I don't seem to be able to tolerate the lactose free products either as they give me bubbling symptoms so trying to pinpoint what is causing my symptoms is proving difficult. I will continue tryung to find a good milk alternative.

My IBS and indented tongue disappeared when I changed to A2 milk. The casein in it is different. It’s from different breeds of cow than the usual British ones. It’s in big supermarkets. Transformative for me.

I wouldn't eat unfermented soya if you paid me. Try coconut milk in coffee (probably a bit strange in tea) and green tea so it doesn't need milk (or any china tea). You can probably manage certain cheeses if you are lactose intolerant not casein intolerant, also milk kefir or home made milk yoghurt (try goat or sheep or coconut milk). Soya substitute foods are one of the original junk foods - highly processed. Shop yoghurt is also nothing like real yoghurt and mostly a sweet junk food. If you are casein intolerant you just have to go cold turkey.

Thank you I think I am casein intolerant as I still get symptoms with lactose free products. I have tried so many different alternatives in tea but nothing tastes right and I don't drink coffee. Even the alternatives on cereal don't taste right to me but if I need to cut out dairy I need to find an alternative especially for calcium. Gluten and Dairy free is not fun 😔

EbonyEvans in reply to MCP80

I feel the same way about tea. Waitrose do a long Life cashew, hazelnut and macadamia milk. Didn’t like the cashew but the other two I couldn’t tell the difference taste wish. I’m sticking to macadamia. It has a consistency between semi skimmed to full fat but not a huge amount.

My OH says a splash of cold water can change the taste of tea, maybe try that? He quite quickly got used to drinking black tea, and now hates milk in it.

Almond milk curdles, I'll save you from wasting time on that one!

I also really like violife cheeses - their original cheese melts quite well and makes a good cheese sauce or pizza, and it's coconut based (no soya at all).

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