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Hi can anyone give me advice about soya milk.for years I have been drinking it in tea and on cereal because I have IBS. When I developed a goitre after the birth of my son no one said it was bad for your thyroid .eventually I had my thyroid removed and found this site .some members said soya products were bad for thyroid.

I have stopped using soya milk but really miss it.

Do you think because I don t have a thyroid for it to affect that I could go back to using it.

Pie do

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  • The interaction of soya with thyroid is not confined to its effect on how much thyroid hormone your thyroid can make. (There are quite a lot of foods which seem only to affect the manufacture of thyroid hormone - an important issue but relatively simple.) It is a more complicated issue.

    Afraid as I consume virtually no soya (pretty much only liking fermented soy like soy sauce), I really have not looked very much about how it interacts.

    There is a little bit in this chapter:


  • Hi there are other options almond,hazelnut, and coconut milks are all very nice

  • Piedo, as you no longer have a thyroid I can't see why you shouldn't use soya milk. I'm also thyroidless and don't bother to avoid raw goitrogen veg as I don't see how it can affect me adversely now.

  • Thank you clutter that s what I think if I haven t got thyroid then it can t be affected by soya.

    I have tried rice milk almond milk etc but don t like them especially in tea.

    Thank you all for comments.

  • Afraid there are still reasons to be wary of soya - though the link I supplied is very sparse. This one points out that some of the components of soya can impact deiodinase 1 activity (DIO1).

    And a very brief "What does DIO1do?":


  • Clutter, soy isn't JUST a goitrogen. As Rob said, it's more complicated than that.

  • Non-organic soya and corn are presumed to be genetically modified. If you choose to consume soya, get organic. Personally, I'd probably stay away from it. It took me along while to realise that the soya was causing/exacerbating stomach pain/IBS. Even the gastroenterologist hadn't figured it out.

  • I use lactofree milk (as well as lactofree cheeses, butter and cream) because I had very raised TPO. The antibodies have now gone, I also am gluten free. I used to have soya milk, a long time ago until I read a number of articles saying it might not be good for you and that was before I had Hypothyroid diagnosis. I avoid all forms of soya- no Chinese meals for me!

  • I don't have a thyroid Piedo and also drink my tea with soya milk and don't worry about it, as with no thyroid it can't possibly make a difference now.

  • I hated all those milks in tea and coffee, but have just discovered 'Rude Health Almond Drink' from Sainsbury's. It is lovely, and for the first time in ages I can enjoy a milky coffee.

  • I'm afraid those that think soy can't affect you if you don't have a thyroid are wrong. It doesn't just affect the gland, it also impedes the uptake of thyroid hormone by the cells.

    And quite apart from that, soy is bad for everyone if it's not fermented. It is a carcinogen, causes birth deffects and all sorts of other terrible things. Unfermented soy is just bad! Even if it's organic and non-GMO, it is bad. I wouldn't touch it with a barge-pole!

    Hugs, Grey

  • I am in accord with Greygoose on Soya. It is unnatural, and worst of all it is one of the reasons why rainforest is being decimated, along with Palm oil.

    You will find that most producers claim that their Soya is non-GM and grown in a sustainable way. In fact, NOBODY admits that their Soya is grown in the Amazon. So, how come they are still destroying Amazon Rain Forest to grow Soya, if nobody is buying it?

    The only way that we will make sure that one excuse for slash-and-burn is removed is by NOT buying anything which contains Soya except traditional fermented Soya products from traditional sources, which are in tiny quantities and not harmful to the health.

    Please forgive me if I appear to have no sympathy, but mankind has existed for millennia without needing to destroy the rain forest to produce 'alternatives' to milk. Surely we ought not to destroy thousands of species of creature just because we want a milky coffee? What about Lactose-free milk?

    There is ALWAYS the likelihood (or very strong possibility) of dishonesty in the processed food market. So-called Declarations are not to be relied upon. After all, we would have a reasonable expectation that beefburgers would contain beef, wouldn't we?

  • I don't have a problem with milk - love it - but my husband is lacto-intolerant. Before we discovered that he could tolerate lacto-free products I switched him from soya to oat milk and cream. (I dislike the taste of soya.) The lacto-free range is extremely good: milk, cream, hard and soft cheese and butter spread; I can make everything for my husband now almost as good as 'real' milk and cream. I try not to give him anything with soya in.

    Oats are very good for you and the oat cream is tasty. I find the milk alternatives, including oat, to be rather thin but then I have full cream everything.

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