Soya in self tan

Unless I want to spend summer in trousers I am going to have to find a gluten free vegan self tan, which is about as niche a product as you can get. I have finally managed to find one or two, but they have soya oil in them. I know eating soya is bad for the thyroid, but is soya oil on the skin bad too? Hoping someone has some knowledge about this. Thanks

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  • Hello MidnightBlue,

    I have Hashi and now can't tolerate fake tan (hot sweats at night) that I have previously used for years.

    I wouldn't recommend soy oil because much of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream. Just think about nicotine and birth control patches.

    Even just using it on your legs is giving a lot of exposure.

    I used to be called milk bottle legs at school. Lol.


  • Thanks Flower, my gut instinct was to avoid it. Not sure what I am going to do instead though! I don't tan at all, which i now suspect may be linked to hashis in some way. Lack of thyrosyne possibly? ( not spelled correctly ). I now supplement that, and burn less, but still don't tan.

  • If your self-tan needs to be gluten-free, it also needs to be soya-free...

  • Thanks Grey, I avoid gluten to reduce antibodies, I was hoping soya was less of an all or nothing thing.

  • It is an absolutely-nothing thing! Avoid it like the plague. It's even worse than soy itself. And, as Flower007 said, it can be absorbed by the skin.

  • Thanks, I will continue to hunt for a suitable self tan. I have always found it interesting how the oil is worse than the whole. I believe they use peanut oil in vaccines, and funnily enough, it is peanut oil that children are becoming allergic too. I learnt this from reading about a study aimed at de-sensitising children with a peanut allergy.

  • If you find a suitable fake tan, please share.

  • Hmm, I have just googled peanut oil in vaccines, and it may be a myth...

  • Intereting MidnightBlue, I was looking at my new anti-wrinkle moisturiser last night and noted it has soy in it. Shan't be buying it agin. if you find a good self-tan please can you share.


  • Have you looked at the Green People Self Tan Lotion, just had a quick look at ingredients, can't see soya listed but I have just woke up so could have missed it! It's on Amazon.

  • - no soya that i can see

  • But several plant source ingredients without identification of the plant source. Not saying they are sourced from soya, but some of them could be.

  • Well spotted!

  • Hi Midnight Blue, I have bought Vita Liberata. It is organic, against animal testing, no parapets, perfumes or alcohol. Different type in the range, it lasts much longer than normal self tan. They do a tinted self tan facial moisturiser than has really good reviews too. Available at boots, I had to order online. I can't see any soya but it contains botanical and marine extracts so just realised it won't be suitable for a vegan!

  • Marine extracts could be seaweed, I will look in to it, thanks

  • Interested to understand whether fake tans affect the ability of the skin to manufacture vitamin D. Anyone have any firm information about this? One of those things that seems to have the answer "Of course they reduce the amount of vitamin D your skin can make", quickly followed by "Or is this an assumption without any basis in the real world?"

  • They don't protect your skin from sunburn, so the uv light must get through, so hopefully you will still make vit D?

  • Though the small range of light wavelengths that make vitamin D could be blocked (or reduced) while still allowing almost all the damaging wavelengths that cause most sunburn to get through. Don't you think?

  • I didn't know vitamin D was only made by certain wavelengths of uv light, so that us interesting to hear. I am sure self tan is not good for you in many ways, it has always bothered me, but I don't tan naturally at all.

  • Yes only a fairly narrow range of wavelengths around the border between UVA and UVB:

    Also, UVA1 alone apparently reduces vitamin D!

    I hadn't realise that was claimed until about three minutes ago.

  • if your thyroid is being totally replaced by a pill, i would not worry about Soy in smaller amounts.

  • I worry that soya effects hormones and possibly the immune system.

  • Then don't use it if you are worried.

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