Gluten / Soya free shakes

I'm looking at having healthy quick protein shakes to help control / lose weight packed with vitamins that are gluten and soya free? Im terrible at the moment for not eating regularly and skipping meals as I've no appetite which I know is not healthy or beneficial. I'm happy to make them with coconut or almond milk and fruit just wanting a protein powder to use as well. Do you have any recommendations please 

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  • Yes I use Herbalife vanilla free from gluten soy and lactose shakes. They are amazing. There is also a protein powder to add if you want. Let me know if you want me to get you some :-) I have graves and losing weight even though I'm eating a lot - so I'm supplementing with this so I can get back to my healthy weight plus it is packed with vitamins and minerals. You can also use the shake to lose weight if you have it alongside a balanced diet. It supports your system with nutrition while you're reducing calories. And it tastes great. I love it. 

  • Herbalife vanilla contains milk and soy, according to their ingredients list.  Were did you find it without?

  • Yes that's the regular vanilla. But they also do a free from vanilla shake.

    I'll be honest and say this is my shop. You don't have to buy from me, but this is the shake I use and I have graves. There's a fact sheet further down the page with ingredients. Hope that helps! Sarah. 

  • I make my breakfast using rice/coconut milk, spoon ( generous) coconut oil, couple walnuts or soaked almonds, small banana, small handful of frozen berries, half frozen apricot, flax seed, some protein powder (non-whey, unflavoured) and the following spices: cinammon, turmeric, coriander and cardamon. It really is enough for the whole morning. And missing one or more ingredients doesnt seem to change the end result much. In fact, salivating, I'm going to go and make one right now....

  • Peanut butter, banana, & a milk f your choice is good,

    Better with a spoon of malt extract, but no so much for weight loss.


  • I have Hashimotos.  Milk and Gluten, which malt is, is really on the NO list.  Peanut Butter is full of mold and fungus.  Many would be very unwell on that mixture.

  • For a (not too) savoury option:

    120g can of sardines (e.g. no salt, in spring water from Sainsbury's)

    120g butternut squash, cooked

    120g greens (e.g. purple sprouting), cooked

    250g (or more) tomato juice

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