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Soya and non-thyroid sufferers


My adult daughter has for years suffered from stomach problems and the NHS, surprise surprise, have been useless.

She has changed her diet and lifestyle by going dairy-free as well as gluten-free and stopping smoking.

I've tried to encourage her to try the lactose-free milk but she apparently really enjoys soya milk.

My question is whether soya is OK for her bearing in mind her food intolerances. She does drink it on its own as well as in g-f cereals. Fortunately she does not have a thyroid disorder.


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I believe soya milk is the first option when avoiding cows milk. How about trying goats milk? That's more readily taken.

Have you thought about taking a comprehensive stool test to determine what's actually going on with your daughter....


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Is goats milk easily available? What is the difference?

I'll suggest the stool test to her. One NHS consultant gave her a prescription and it wasn't until she went to the pharmacy that she found out it was for ADs!!

She's also seen a dietitian who was equally useless.

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Yeah goats milk is a lot more easily digestible for us humans than cows milk. I've just started making my kefir with it. I also use almond milk as well. Try to avoid soya milk if you've any thyroid conditions though.

I've just had a comprehensive stool test and would certainly recommend to anyway, really lol

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Not only is it readily available, it is, to my mind, much nicer. Readily available in at least larger branches of Morrison's, Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury, Asda and other shops.

I like the full cream form. Not so much the semi-skimmed and I won't buy the skimmed.

It is not lactose-free though lactase enzymes are available, I believe.



I m vegan and use soya milk, and i have hypothyroidism. It has caused no problems what so ever and has also bought my cholesterol levels down which was previously quite high. Remember, animals milk is designed for the animals that produce them, not for humans!!

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I know what you mean and that's what Dr Myhill says!!


My OH was on soya milk for many years due to being dairy intolerant, he now has problems with his thyroid which I thought I had prevented by changing to almond milk - much better for him and for me, being hypoT. If you can change to almond milk it will be much better for her and of course using soya milk doesn't mean that it is showing extra symptoms but any soy that is not fermented is usually made using GMO products and they really don't have the slightest idea of what that will do to us long term!

I would suggest healing her gut by having a raw food diet or juice fast for 30 days, that will alleviate any symptoms and could totally heal the problems for her - it has been done by many now who know the end result is so worth the loss of favourite foods for just 1 month - Joe Cross of Fat Sick & Nearly Dead did it for 90 days and cured all his health problems in that time.

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