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Hashimotos test results please help

Hi I have been diagnosed with hashimotos , not by my GP but a private doctor.

he put me on Nature thryroid, after a few weeks I went to my GP as I felt a bit off, sore throat and sort of a swollen feeling in my glands ?

She tested again and was very alarmed that ny TSH had gone down to 0.05, so she asked me to stop the Nature thyroid, which I did.

These are my original results from medichecks, before treatment.

TSH 3.54

Free T 14.4

Total T 77.4

Thyroglobulin antibody 51.600

Peroxidase antibody 291

B12 612

Folate 7.13

Inflammation marker 0.6

Ferritin 41.5

So now I am not taking medication but throat still feels a bit puffy/swollen, I am gluten and dairy free, I take Selenium 200 and Tyrosine.

Any help would be great


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I think that Hashimotos antibody attack caused the problems with your throat and glands ....its possible the nature thyroid caused a surge of antibodies ....a TSH of 0.5 is by no means unusual on NDT


thanks , that could be it, do you have any recomendations , to treat the throat and which thyroid treatment should i follow.?


I would try going back onto 1/2 grain of nature thyroid in the morning for 4 weeks then inc by 1/2 grain late afternoon and see how you are

Hashimotos does surge at times and some people feel they are in a constant cycle of about to go down with the flu ....be sure to take at least 2000mg of vitamin C in divided doses and 200mg magnesium glycinate or malate 3 times a day too


Thankyou i will try those suggestions.


TSH of 0.05 can be alarming. Usually, while on Naturethroid, it is in a 0.02-0.03 range, closer to 0.1. The trouble is that your doctor did not test the Free T3. You really need to know that level. While the FT4 is not terribly high/low, the FT3 could be too high. A slight decrease in the dose could fix that. Also, when taking an NDT, because it contains T4 and T3 hormone, it is best to test the levels 8 to 12 hours after taking the dose. Another factor is that most people split the dose into AM and PM. They go for the blood work 8 hours after taking the AM dose, before the PM dose. This helps to get a more accurate level of FT3 (the T3 in the NDT is short-acting and could show up as a higher level if the blood work is too close to when you took the pill).


Hi Celestialbeing,

my FT3 before treatment was 3.88

Im not sure what the optimum levels are ?

Im hesitant about taking the NDT again as I feelit is giving me an auto immune response, which Ive heard it can do.

At the moment Im just doing the Hashimoto diet and the supplements, I feel better than before but still low in energy.


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