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Upping T3


I am always feeling completely rubbish when I wake up like I have been out all night partying, when in fact I am in bed at 10pm and do usually sleep well apart from the past two nights.

I am on t4/t3 but not sure if the T3 is actually helping me and need to figure out if it is. I'm on a very small dose 1/2 a 5mg pill at 4pm every day and my T4 at 7am which is 62.5mg (two pills and 1 half) I think I need to up the T3 but don't want to make myself worse. I am also very pale since taking T3 but not sure if this was actually before I started it or if it's since.

I find if I don't eat soon after taking T3, I feel ill, so have to be strict about meal times. Also, before I take the T3 I am slightly shaky/anxious feeling and tired and then once I take the T3 it goes away? Though it's a very small dose, it does give me energy I am just very sensitive to medications that's why I've started so low doses. Very strange that I have shaky hands again as that seems a hyper symptom. Would I benefit from taking the doses at different times? Or adding the full 5mg T3 split at different times? I am also still trying to get my Iron and b12 up but was told they are slowly going up, Vitamin D came back at 97 which is good and cortisol Saliva test being sent back today along with getting a Cortisol blood test on Monday next week at the GP.

Should I just stay on the same doses for now or try something else? I am off work and trying to get back soon but not feeling well enough at the moment.. I can post last thyroid results again if needed but have previously posted them and they haven't been done since then which was around 3-4 weeks ago.

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