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Boost T3 conversion by up to 61%


Some US medics have shown recently that using vitamins A K And D have boosted T3 conversion by up to 61%.

This work interests me as I have started a new version of a high quality vitamin pill with much higher doses of D3 and includes K.

It also includes chelate selenium and zinc in sensible levels.

Up to Christmas I added zinc and selenium but stopped and tried an inferior multivit.

I am really shocked to realise that within a few days of taking these my pulse has gone back to where it was before Christmas eg 60 not 45 and weight that was all lost last year and since came back on is shedding off again.

So I suspect for those failing to lose weight and struggling with conversion issues these are going to be very helpful.

I reluctantly accept that these supplements are for life ....

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Meant to add that this also reduced tpo antibodies by up to 46%.

shawsAdministrator in reply to Danielj1

Even better :)

Danielj1 in reply to Danielj1

It’s been a funny old journey really, I got the message very early on with this website that zinc and selenium were important and have come full circle to understand that a discrete list of up to about 10 supplements all

Work synergistically and you leave a single one out at your peril - my experience suggests as a complete list:

A/b/d/zinc/selenium/ magnesium/k/boron (have yet to locate this last one though)

Saya85 in reply to Danielj1

Hi! I have to say I’ve been taking all the above along with vitamin C! (For adrenals)

Except for vitamin A (and boron)

I’m a little sceptical about how much vitamin A to take as a safe level. Any suggestions on what dose is needed or is just RDA?


Thanks for posting and that's good news that you've found the additional vits very beneficial.

I won’t advertise the brand of multivits but they ended up being imported from other side of globe - explains what a journey it has been to get a formula in one capsule that matches my needs.

lucylocks in reply to Danielj1

Hi Danielj1

I would be interested to know which brand of multivits it as. I think it is O.K. to mention on the forum. Apologise admins if I am wrong.

Which medics? What research?

Danielj1 in reply to jimh111

I have written to US contact for full details - may take time for information.

jimh111 in reply to Danielj1


helvellaAdministrator in reply to jimh111

I suspect this might be the salient paper:

Sorry - have not yet found the full paper.

jimh111 in reply to helvella

helvella, you can download it from here . I haven't read the paper but it doesn't seem to draw conclusions about T4 to T3 conversion.

Vitamin A was found to be helpful in in vitro experiments on genetic resistance to thyroid hormone (RTH). It gets very technical but when T3 activates DNA expression it involves 'heterodimer binding', T3 binds to the thyroid response element on the DNA along with a thyroid hormone receptor and a retinoid x receptor (RXR). An RXR is a vitamin A receptor. When there is RTH it seems that vitamin A deficiency makes things worse.

The upshot is that since vitamin A receptors are involved in thyroid hormone action it is possible vitamin A deficiency makes things worse. In addition carotenmia, yellow skin caused by failure to convert carotene to vitamin A is common in hypothyroidism. So, maintaining vitamin A levels MIGHT help alleviate hypothyroidism to a small extent.

Do does this mean the fact i eat halg a pound of liver once a week will actually help conversion!?? Ad its high in vitamin A!.. been on the liver a year but yet to see a higher ft3... though my ft4 is top of range ... maybe it takes time...

I like you have experimented with certain elements on their own - I know you probably don’t want to hear this (kidding), but as soon as I take all the priority supplements together there seems to be a huge amount of synergy eg need vit K with vit A to get full benefit.

All I can say is try it.

I felt 50% better just on zinc /selenium alone

I felt 50% better on liver, cumin oil and magnesium alone

Altogether - way more than 50% better.

Danielj1 in reply to Danielj1

The minute I added cumin oil the blood test for T3 went up in as little as a month and moved to acceptable range.

I am not stopping there as I want to be well enough to run marathons again so am maxing out on the optimal overall approach that will develop resilience to prolonged aerobic intense stress

What is cumin oil? Do u take it as a supplement?.. i must admit eating liver once a week for 2 months increased my folate and ferritin by 5 points..and b12 doubled! so i reckon now iv been eating it over a year its increased alot more ...

Black cumin seed oil capsules anti inflammatory - there is a whole host of stuff I would need to pass on if you are going to use them.

If you really really want to fix things I have found the answer is 99% linked to estrogen levels and as a man I have had too much in my blood.

Google estrogen and thyroid and you will get my drift. High estrogen weakens liver and hugely reduces t3 conversion - the easy way to prove this theory is to do a blood test where you are and then for 1 month address all the areas that reduce estrogen dominance so no beer/wine/corrrect diet is no PUFA/specific supplements that reduce estrogen

I can send a link but there are loads of stuff online about to. “Reduce estrogen dominance”

The final solution for me to fix hashis has been addressing estrogen and the liver and general anti inflammatories ie hard work and very complicated!

Danielj1 in reply to Danielj1

Worth a read if this is of interest

Let me get the answers from the writer and you can have a full response....

Danielj1 in reply to Danielj1

More chatter.....

Danielj1 in reply to Danielj1

Vitamin A reduces estrogen and improves liver function to allow more T3 to be converted in liver - also why cutting back on alcohol helps I guess

Danielj1 in reply to Danielj1

You can look yourself over vitamin suppliers but if you ask for

Chelated minerals - full RDA

Very low iron

High strength A, B and D3 in expensive not cheap versions



Antioxidants eg grape seed

Then the us brands I looked at go north of 30-40 quid a month and very poor value. I did look long and hard at solgar but they had nothing that had sensible levels of B vits - some way too strong or then too expensive.

Anyway, importing direct I paid 16 quid for 240 or 8 months supply ie 2 quid a month - a fraction of 64 quid RRP of course - the joy of online auctions etc!

lucylocks in reply to Danielj1

I still do not understand why you will not name the brand you purchased, I am sure lots of members would be interested.

Danielj1 in reply to lucylocks

Lucy - it’s not for you:

It is a male version for a certain age range - so that discounts all the ladies ....

It contains small amount of soya and potassium iodide so immediately discounted by anyone who takes a more purist approach than i do

I bet just by posting the last sentence I will get posts stating what a dreadful risk I am taking

I simply don’t want to get in a tit for tat over what versions of vitamin A it has and whether it should be D3 or D2.

This is exactly what happened last time I posted a brand I was using and I have no interest in being told how good or bad my choices are - so better I keep to general principles

The list of extras is so long and I have no idea what some of them are for :

Saw palmetto

Mary’s thistle

Grape seed



Spearmint oil



Muira pumama

To be honest I am happy to take a punt on these as a huge “Bruce bonus” :)

lucylocks in reply to Danielj1

Oh I see now.

Thanks anyway.

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