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Morning all day 5 of a ‘flu’ like virus.

I’m still feeling dreadful coughing and spluttering etc. I’m an asthmatic so have doubled my inhalers. I have hasimotos and CFS and struggling with everything . Can’t get in to see a GP, my private endo cancelled an appointment I had with him in March 13th and it’s not been rescheduled yet despite me chasing. My hubby although supportive I suspect is now getting fed up as I’m constantly saying I feel ill, tired, I need to sleep etc .

Last night I said I actually feel I’m dying - he told me not to be ridiculous but I do - I feel as if my body is dying and giving up . I’m almost 60 but feel 100. I’ve not felt well since admitted to hospital in dec 16 and they reduced my Levo to 75 (from 150).

I’m on 75 Levo and 20 t3 not sure what that would equate to in Levo but I felt my best when a certain wonderful dr (now deceased) in Birmingham put me up from 100 to 200!!! Even tho my gp did not agree - since his death the gp gradually reduced and reduced .

I take selenium - Holland and barrett

B12 - Holland Barrett

Vit d prescribed 20000 x 2 weekly

Vit k Holland and Barrett

Folic tablets 5mgs prescribed

I was taking a probiotic from h & b too but looking to source a different product

Any recommendation for vitamins etc gratefully received.

I’m just really struggling with it all so fed up, feel so ill and at the point where I’m going to give up work due to stress etc

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You need to post your thyroid test results with their ranges for us to comment.

siannie in reply to Greybeard

Unfortunately the tests I had done for my thyroid were private - my consultant cancelled the appointment in March so I’ve not had access to them yet (I get them done at the local hospital ) .

Unfortunately the hospital don’t send me a copy !!

Still waiting to hear when my next appointment is 😱