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New Topic - Corona Virus


Given the current Corona Virus / covid-19 issues, and the obvious interest members have, I have created a brand new Topic which can be selected while posting a new post or question. It is called Corona Virus - though it is intended to cover the virus, the disease covid-19 and related issues.

Just click on Add Topic and choose Corona Virus.

I have gone through a number of existing posts and changed their topics, usually from No Topic, to Corona Virus. However, I might well have missed some of them. If I have missed any of your posts, please edit them to add this topic. If I have missed other posts which should have this topic, please let me know and I will change them.

You can view all posts within this topic following this link:

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Excellent idea. Thank you!

Great to avoid repetition.My post yesterday “Immune Support” extracted a piece of the Mary Shoman blog re elderberry/ sambuca which suggested avoidance of this supplement .

as always thanks for what you do for this group helvella

If anyone is interested in the scientific rationale supporting the response to Covid-19, it can be found here:

Thoughts re vitamin D, please?

Should I drop 5,000 for 1,000mcg dose?

Chris Kresser email excerpt:

I wanted to share some important COVID-19-related updates with you, along with links to some articles I’ve found to be helpful.

Immune support

On the webinar I did last weekend, I offered several ideas for boosting immune function during the COVID-19 outbreak. Among them were propolis and high-dose vitamin A and D. I have since come across research suggesting that propolis and megadoses of A and D may not be a good idea because, at least in theory, they could increase the expression of angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE2) receptors.

In many cases, botanicals, plant medicines, and nutrients like propolis and vitamins A and D have a modulatory effect—i.e., they upregulate or downregulate a function based on what is needed. That may be true here.

However, since coronavirus gets into our cells by hijacking ACE2 receptors, I think it’s probably wise to avoid anything that might upregulate those receptors. For this reason, I now suggest avoiding propolis and high doses of vitamins A and D during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can (and should) still eat adequate amounts of A and D in food, and can supplement with lower doses of vitamin D (e.g., 1,000 IU) if you live in a place where you’re getting minimal sun exposure, or your 25-D levels are below 40 mg/dL.

I know it's being a tad nit-picky, but is Coronavirus supposed to be two words? NHS, HU and media seem to have it as one. I don't know if that would improve searchability, or do our search functions not mind if it's one word/two?

in reply to Cooper27

It varies hugely. I think it has been widely written as one word to avoid finding pages which happen to have the words Corona and Virus in them when web searching - but are nothing to do with the current issue.

I did consider which way to jump when setting up the topic but I don't think it will make much, if any difference and it just seems to read very slightly easier. I also considered covid-19 but that is, strictly, the disease and I didn't want to separate out the actual virus and the disease.

I just say cv I refuse to call it anything else x

Helvella , Thank You for going above and beyond for us all . These times are very trying times universally . Keep Strong and Positive we will get through this too . Very Shortly .

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Thanks for the good idea

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