Anyone else suffering recurrent virus?

Hi there

Just wondering if anyone is suffering the same kind of symptoms that I am. Since the beginning of September I have had symptoms of the winter bug that is going around. It starts as a sore throat and an upset stomach and then after about three days cold symptoms start. It has never really developed into a full cold, but I have taken high vitamin C and D, and this could be shutting it down.

I know that there is a lot of bugs going around but this is the sixth or seventh time for me, since September 8th. I just recovered from the last one around 17 November and have been fine since I recovered but this morning woke with a sore throats and now have an upset stomach again. Hubby has had it twice so I think it is a bug. Is there a chance it is laying dormant and is reactivating?


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  • I am having one at the moment that started a month ago and it just can't stop. I don't know what is going on with me.

  • I'm sorry to hear that. I keep saying that too 'what's going on'? I can't keep telling people, ' oh I'm sorry, I'm ill again!' Its unbelievable! I wonder if it is a particularly strong strain? Hope you feel better soon :)

  • I've had two episodes of sore throat, cough that constricts the throat, and diarrhea in the last month.

    My husband had also had similar symptoms.

    I live in Florida.

  • This could be a sign that your immune system is not the top shape at the moment for some reason. It is hard to say more without more info about your condition but maybe you should do some tests.

  • Yes I've been thinking that myself. I have been under stress during the last few months so wondered if it was that. I try to keep up with my supplements. I have had a bug last year where it came back a second time but nothing like this.

  • If you've not had a blood test recently, I'd request a new one. TSH, T4, T3, Free T3 and Free T4. Just in case you need your dose increased.

    I assume you know the procedure for getting the best results blood tests.

  • Yes, it could be a chronic virus. It's pretty impossible to get rid of one, your immune system has to get it under control. Without knowing what it is, here are some things to try in order I'd try them:

    High quality, nutrient dense diet

    Saline or Xylitol nasal spray

    Vitamin C - 3-4g orally

    Vitamin D - 5000-10000 IUs

    Zinc - 50mg

    Stamets My Community Comprehensive Immune Support mushroom capsules

    Berberine - 1g

    Artemesinin - depends on form

    Nutrimedix Banderol

    Folate, B12, B5


    Good luck!

  • You need colonising probiotics to strengthen your immune system. And you can make your own sauerkraut and kefir for additional live probiotics. You'll have to PM me for details. Pasteurised store bought is not guaranteed live.

  • - sauerkraut; that's what I have been wondering if it is good or bad for hypothyroid person, since it is made of cabbage (cruciferous).

    Good then? - It is raw..but fermented.

  • I have been buying kefir from tescos. Sounds like home made/ grown would be better. I will pm you. Thankyou. :)

  • A good tip I got many years ago when I was suffering a bug that wouldn't leave me. Make sure after a bad bout you either wash your pillows or ditch them and buy new. It does make sense if you think about it.

    Hope you get better soon, best wishes 'M'

  • That is a good tip. I washed all the sheets and towels on a high temperature but I think it's a good idea to buy new pillows. Thankyou :)

  • You're welcome. 💐

  • I have been having frequent colds for a while now. I have high cortisol which can suppress the immune system so I assume this is the reason. Could this apply to you?

  • I have low cortisol in the morning and throughout the day and higher on the night. I have been under lots of stress the last few months, not sleeping so good.

  • Years ago I had that keep happening to me and they found I was anaemic. Once I boosted my iron things got better.

  • I do have low ferritin. Something to look into. Thanks :)

  • I too have had a recurrent bug leaving me with a constant sore throat for 4 weeks and a runny, itchy, sneezy nose, but not really a cold!. My throat has now cleared up but my nose is still itchy and runny! I am using sinus congestion relief and that helps to relieve the symptoms, but not clear up entirely. I used an analgesic throat spray to relieve the sore throat, especially at night, as it made me feel coughy and as if I was choking when laying flat.

    I am taking vit C and eat healthily, alongside probiotics, plus every other vitamin and mineral advised by all the lovely people on this forum. I also change my pillow cases frequently and use non allergenic pillows.

  • I am sorry to hear that. It's no fun is it? Hope you feel better soon :)

  • Please check that your sinus relief is suitable for people with thyroid problems, I was suprised to find that one I bought wasn't :-(

  • I will check, thankyou. Any ideas what to use if not suitable?

  • My family have all had a virus which makes mucus and causes bouts of coughing. Makes you very very tired an it has returned at least once with all of us. I use salt spray and take vitamins regularly. No end of people have had this and it it is difficult to shift.

  • Did you have a flu jab? I find that often when I have had the flu jab that all sorts of infections sneak in. You are liable to get infected as you're system is suceptible to infection, your i mune system will not work properly till you are optimally replaced.

  • Hi since having my flu jab I have constantly had colds very debilitating just worn out .

    Peggy ❤️

  • Thanks everyone for replies. I haven't had the flu jab. I don't think I am optimally medicated so maybe that's why my immune system is not working properly. Thankyou for all your advice. :)

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