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Sublingual methylcobalamin lozenges

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Hello again what are the best sublingual methylcobalamin lozenges to take my b12 has dropped I am only taking a b complex at the moment.

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Hi I take Jarrow Methylcobalamin B12, 1000mcg, 100 Lemon Flavour Vegan Lozenges. They seem to be quite popular!

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Solgar used to be popular but has gone stupidly expensive.

Some members are happy with Jarrows, I think they do 5000mcg and 1000mcg.

I use Cytoplan, they only do 1000mcg.

Thank you

Is it the B12 methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin ones from cytoplan

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to flo-jo100

Yes, methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin are both active forms of B12.

Thanks again

I use Jarrows too. I get these though, Jarrow Formulas ‑ Methyl B12 5000 mcg. ‑ 60 Lozenges, they’re a bit stronger than the lemon ones.

I like the Jarrow formulas 5000iu. I'm not sure what the flavour is supposed to be - just tastes of chemicals to me, but the effect is good. I tried swanson, but it didn't work as well.

If you want to bypass your stomach I use Vie Patch B12 Methylcobalamin high strength patches once a week. Apply a patch to to clean hairless skin for 24hrs. My blood tests so far have come back good for B12 these were recommended by a naturopath.

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to Hypogirl60

Sublinguals being discussed here bypass the stomach.

Yes I know but there are other alternatives to bypassing your stomach such as patches. I personally take so many individual supplements in tablet form not lozenges, a once a week patch is a nice and easy option. Just a thought SeasideSusie for flo-jo100 to think about.

I started off with patches because they seemed like a good idea but didn’t love them. I think they felt ‘sweaty’ but they are an easy way to do it if you like them.

I found it was easier to stick a pill under my tongue, but then I already take pills for my blood pressure on a daily basis so it wasn’t difficult to remember.

Do you buy these yourself - (patches, I mean) as they sound a good option

Yes either on the vie patch website or amazon I normally buy 3 packs at a time for a reduced pack price. It’s not every bodies choice as in the case of Fruitandnutcase but for me 1 patch a week keeps me topped up and they bypass your stomach. My B12 was very low when I started and it was thought I had an absorption problem.

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