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Private blood tests?


Hi, I am looking to have some private bloods tested at one of the labs mentioned on the site. My questions are 1) how long does it take to get the bloods tested and results back. 2) does the finger prick test really give enough of a sample for them to test?. I have been called for thyroid blood test repeat to my GP surgery on 11th April and once results back I will see GP. My surgery only ever test TSH and T4 which is pretty useless and one of the reasons for me to get private tests done. Would just like idea of timescale involved for private test

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I do my sample first thing Monday morning, hubbie posts it that morning and results are back, usually Tuesday but definitely Wednesday 😃

First time I dud finger prick I struggled but now I fill 2 of the little vials in a few minutes. Drink lots of water day before, wash and soak hand in hot water, hold stabby thing (serious brain blanking here 🤪) firmly against finger after stabbing (not stabbing don't panic 😆) for ten seconds or so. Wipe first drop of blood off and gentle... Very gentle squeezing/ massage if blood stops can get it going again. I find my ring finger is best near nail, more side than finger tip. Oh and a few warm up exercises first to get the heart pumping.

I am a total wuzz when it comes to blood tests but find doing it myself easy and much less stressful 🙂

SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to fibrolinda

hold stabby thing (serious brain blanking here 🤪)

:D That did make me laugh! Oh, these brain farts, don't you just love 'em!

Oh, they're called lancets :D

Ohhhhh thank you it's been driving me nuts 🤯 of course the logical thing to do would be to go check at medichecks or bluehorizon.... Logic eh.. I vaguely remember that 🤣

Haha fibrolinda, you did make me chuckle - thank you

Glad to be of service 😁



Just a thought. If you've not done a fingerprick test before, you might find the lancet ineffective, they seem to have changed them lately to one that really does seem to make a pinprick with very little blood flow. The older ones used more of a "blade" (don't worry, it's not a Stanley knife blade or anything). So it might be an idea to ask if they will send you the old style BD Blue lancets rather than the newer ones.

And definitely use hot water, swish hand around until it goes red. If blood flow stops, swish in hot water again.

I find standing on a stool so my arm is straight down rather than bent when collecting the blood to be effective.

If only one microtainer is required, that is 0.8ml of blood so not very much at all.

Loads of excellent info as usual, thanks SeasideSusie

SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to DoeStewart

You're welcome.

I think we should inundate both private labs with requests to "bring BD Blue lancets" :)

I just had them done via medicheck this morning. I didn't want to bother with fingerprint tests, I case I messed it up. So I paid the extra around £25 to have it done in private hospital near by. They say the turnaround time on the website, for each test. I think most of mine have said up to 3 days... but I'm not sure if it'll be faster than stated. I dropped my sample off at the post office to catch the lunch time post. It came in a prepaid envelope with a protective packet for the vials.

Thanks for that info - much appreciated

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