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Any advice appreciated!!

Hi all,

Its been awhile since i last posted. Ive been on NDT since Nov now and still feel dreadful. Im kind of suspecting an autoimmune disease dev but wanted to get my thyroid sorted first to rule that out as i wasnt converting on Eltroxin. My query is related to the cofactors required for NDT to work properly. My ferritin had dropped to 14 so i was supplementing with Galfer for 5mths. It has increased to 52 but i happened to get my Iron Studies done and my GP is now querying Haemochromotosis. Im concerned that if i cant supplement iron and get it to recommended optimal levels am i converting T4 at all and is it perhaps forming RT3 which is why im still so unwell. My FT3 levels are much healthier on NDT rising from 1.2 to 2.2 (ref 1.3-3.1) on 2 3/4 grains. Ive consulted the STTM website for iron but cant see advice for results similar to mine. If anyone could advise id be v grateful.

TSH: 0.01 (0.27-4.20)

FT4: 18.9 (12-22)

FT3: 2.2 (1.3-3.1)

Serum iron : 24 (10-30)

UIBC: 16 (20-66)

Calc TIBC: 40 (50-80)

Transferrin Sat: 60% (30-40)

Also low phosphorus and neutrophils


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Hi Louise 52 - sorry you have had no responses, it could be that some of the results look different to UK ones. It is usually recommended to have B12, folate & Vitamin D tested too to get a better picture. I'm not sure if you were just overdoing the iron supplementation a bit but there is a haemochromatosis site here on HU if you want to ask questions.


Hi Spareribs,

Thanks for replying. Yes ive had the other 3 tested and B12 Folate and Vit D optimal now. I was only taking 1 Galfer a day?? And sporadically at that. I wasnt aware there was a haemochromatosis site here so thanks so much for that. I will post there. Tks again for replying. And yes im in Ireland so prob different ranges!

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