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Going to doctor soon and appreciate any advice please


Have g p. At 11. I will therefore get a print off

Shall I push for an endocrenist?

My anxiety has been raging, iv had palpitation and fluttery feelings as a first

Could this be caused by thyroid or do you think separate issue? I hate anti depressants and avoid but my head has felt set in concrete for 3 days, I don't know if connected or not?

Any thoughts much appreciated

Best wishes


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My reading was tsh 5 and told the 3 and 4 was middle range

Is thus the same as free 3 and 4?


And his does this range sound to the experts!! It horrifies me I am s five when some are just s kne


Nope they aren't the same you can read up here - thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/about_...

You should be asking for an increase in levo. You want a slow and steady increase until your TSH is around 1.


Thanks a lot

I'm just trying to take it all in as wondered if e.g. 4 tsh and good readings for 3 and 4 is preferable to a low tsh but low 3 and 4

With respect I am co fused at moment as read that what really matters is the t3 and ansorbtion of it? Frustrating?

I'm at docs now waiting, co you think the anx and palpitations are a thyroid symtom


If you are in the UK it is very unlikely that your GP has tested your free T3, and they may not have tested your free T4.

You need to get your test results with ranges to find out exactly what the doctor tested only that way can make informed queries and suggest you are treated in a particular way.

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Hi again

Yes quite right, the lab didn't do t3 .........

She was adamant my palpataions and breathless are anxiety based and sent me off to gym and meditation, said my 5 reading is ok and I am too young yet for 'worn out' gland and they are. It at all co corned with my readings, my t4 at 14.4


Thnx again

Sorry for typos as I a message waiting for glasses lol and was on my little phone


Your GP is talking s**t. People are individuals and while most people with thyroid disorders are old and female NOT ALL are.

I suggest you educate yourself on the thyroid and get together money to get private testing plus anything else you need. Otherwise you will be sick for years.

Don't bother wasting money going to the gym. At the moment the only exercise you should do should be light walking, yoga and swimming. You don't have enough Free T3 to do anything else.


Thanks for reply, yes I do intend to get full testing for sure as didn't get the free t3 which seems to be the crux of it

Having said this I do believe what is right for one may differ for another as bodies tick differently, what you believe in does play a part too

I'm educating, and of course il see results and how I'm feeling, My anxious thinking does play havoc for sure


You are anxious and have brain fog because you are under medicated.

You are on hormone replacement for your thyroid hormones and your TSH is far too high.

Unfortunately what is commonly found on this forum is that GPs know very little about thyroid disorders and a minority of GPs when faced with an self-educated patient admit it.


(Not at All concerned )


Ps. We all live by our personal experiences


Pps So confused as it's a known fact that anxiety symptoms cause my symptoms too and as I sit here calm after exercising (endorphins etc ) I don't have any symptoms and mood fine, feel up beat

Chicken and egg

Looking forwards to my results of t3

Luckily have 12 free weeks on body fitness programme!! 👍 Doing the lot, Pilates, yoga aqua aerobics - make or break

Thanks again


Yes, just seen reply above, Very true!

I'm. It on any meds as yet,

When I took levy 25 at Christmas for a little while I got vertigo swimmy head?? So they said to stop

Unsure where this leaves me


Not on meds


Question please

Does everyone with hypo get anxiety, foggy, fear, etc??


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