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Thyroid results and dosage


Hi guys,

I got my bloodwork and would love if you can take some times to help me interpret the results, here they are:

Calcium: 96 mg/l, range: 84 to 102

Magnésium: 19 mg/l, range: 16 to 26

Vit d: 45ng/ml, range: 30 to 80

T3: 2,15, range: 1,88 to 3,18

T4: 10,20, range: 7 to 14,80

Tsh: 1,14, range: 0,35 to 4,9

Anti thyroperoxydase: <1, range: inf 5.61

Anti thyroglobulin: 2,70 UI/ml, inf: 4,11

Sounds like I am doing quite well. Somebody told me that I was a bit hypothyroid, so I take 15 mcg of cynoplus at night and 2 mcg t3 during the day. Do you think the dosage is ok? The thing is I paid the analys myself as my doctor didn't want to give me a prescription for the t3.

My objective is to finish my 2 bottles: 1 of cynomel and 1 cynoplus and then to be well and to not have to take it again as t3 is very hard to get in Europe

Thanks in advance for any help and guidance.

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Hi Lolota and welcome to the forum :)

Were you already taking T3 when you had these tests done?

Lolota in reply to ShinyB

Hello ShinyB,

Thank you for welcoming me and your reply. This is my third post on this forum. I have participated in some discussion with Slowdragon and other forum members...

Yes I started t3 one week-end before the tests, I took 2mcg at 10 am only to start, then I stopped for Friday and did the tests on Saturday morning without food or drink.

Ps: I don't know if there is a relation with the thyroid medication but I feel quite sensitive, I just cry like crazy when finishing the book Great Expectations by Dickens, my pillow is wet.

ShinyB in reply to Lolota

Hello again :) I did look to see if you'd already posted but couldn't see any. They must have been replies on someone else's posts, perhaps. Anyway, still a big welcome! :)

"My objective is to finish my 2 bottles: 1 of cynomel and 1 cynoplus and then to be well and to not have to take it again" Typically if you are hypothyroid this will involve taking some form of thyroid hormone on an ongoing basis. They're not really a quick fix option.

I'm not the best at interpreting results (I'm very challenged by maths and percentages!) but I'm thinking your fT4 could be higher in range, and there is room for your fT3 to be higher, especiallly if you stopped taking it a full 24 hours before having your test done.

I'm not familiar with cynoplus so don't feel I can comment on this. I hope you get some more replies from others.

Sorry, I've not been much help!

I cry at everything sometimes, even adverts...

Lolota in reply to ShinyB


Thank you for your answer. I have tried to answer yesterday but it just did not work..

Yes, thats what a guy on another forum said, that my t4 and t3 was a bit low. So thats why I only take 2mcg of t3 during the day and 15 mcg of t4/t3 at night.

I haven't seen à huge change yet but my pulse and temps are better.

Ahah so I am not the only one who cry easily..., but this cry from this book was very deep and it took me some time to be myself again and said its just à book.

Have a great day. You have been very helpful. Thanks.


These results look ok. All in range

You don't have Hashimoto's

What were your results before you started on Thyroid hormone

It would be very unusual to start taking Thyroid replacement hormone and then be able to stop it, unless you didn't need it in the first place. Or had short term thyroiditis

Lolota in reply to SlowDragon


Thank you for your answer.

I didn't tested my thyroïd level before. My GP and two others that I saw didn't want to prescribe t3 and the antibodies mais. I had to pay for it myself.

Anyway I will do the tests again in 3 weeks ans hopefully my level will be good so I will take it only during stress.

No I dont have hashimoto which is a great thing. I am quite happy to be honest as I was a bit scared.

Have a great day and thanks for your help.

Ps: I think for the dosage it wil be trial and hopefully no error lol.

SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Lolota

no one should start taking replacement thyroid hormones without testing first. You have no idea if you needed them.

It's not a medication to start and stop. It's a replacement hormone.

Suggest you retest 3-4 months after stopping

Lolota in reply to SlowDragon

Ok thank you. Thats why I stopped and did the tests. Now that I know my level, I take a little and see how I feel.

So its better in 3 months than 6 weeks you think, another person told me to test again in 6 weeks.

SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Lolota

It takes much longer to readjust after dose reduced. 6 weeks is likely too little time

It really is not something to take now and then, like a pain medication

It should be constant dose, not take a few days now and then.

Lolota in reply to SlowDragon

Ok, I see thank you. Its such a shame that the doctors dont want to help.

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