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Which t3 is reputable and good also for sensitive peope!?

I know been posting couple of days back but this is really important post .I have bought Perrigo t3 and it has been really expensive and is very expensive t3 even in uk.Could anyone advice me suggest me of personal expierence or any other expierences what they been using if they were only on t3 ?Which t3 is the best (I know it depends if our bodies ) but in general speaking which t3 should be most used by people and is not giving lots of side effects even for those people who are sensitive to fillers and binders? Or someone could suggest with lesser ingredients in it so there is less likehood to be allergic or react to anything in there ? How did u get it from where ? Any sources ? My Perrigo will soon finish in a month time so iam thinking which one to buy next little affordable one but not very very cheap one just a good t3 I need !

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Most people have to go with what they can get, these days. :(


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