Anyone gone CT3M and also switched to T3 only?

I am just reading up on anxiety, cortisol/adrenal problems, reverse T3 and CT3M. I'm not sufficiently genned-up to begin to experiment with the CT3M and even switching from NDT to T3 only (e.g. clearing the rT3 if I have it - Graves disease 1982, subtotal thyroidectomy 1984 and moderately b**g**d ever since, although total collapse in 2007 from prolonged bullying), but I know I need to get a cortisol test done and I think I need to check my other relevant blood statuses, like ferritin, and reverse T3 levels. Has anyone actually gone through this process themselves, and if so, how did you go about it - any tips on how to start or any pitfalls?

Also, any advice on which might be the best labs to get this done? will i need to join TUK in order to get a discount on lab work - if anyone could point me in the appropriate direction/blogs etc, I'd be very grateful. It is taking me a helluva long time to gather all the diverse information - probably to do with CFS(!) brain-fag exacerbated by lack of/disrupted sleep.


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  • Hi

    You do NOT need to join TUK to get the private tests done - all info is here:



  • Just some info on T3 in case you haven't seen it before.

  • Thanks to both of you - this is my third attempt to reply . . . the site doesn't seem to want to load me! Please don't think I'm being mean, Louise but I can't cope with more than one site. Having said that, I have only just discovered I think I am a member of TUK - isn't this the forum for the members, or am I unusually technically challenged? Thank you for the information - I now know what tests I need,

    And I've bookmarked that, Shaws, thanks - there is so much information here now that i do get bamboozled, so the guidance from both of you is hugely appreciated.

  • It can be a bit confusing. Anyone can be a member here, on the support group for free. This site is hosted by HU but managed by TUK staff and volunteers.

    To become a member of TUK itself, you have to actually fill in the membership form and pay the fee.

    You don't need to join here or TUK to get the private testing done, you just need to mention TUK. :-)

    Hope that makes more sense - it may not - I'm a bit sleepy! lol!

    I mentioned on another thread that if I am worried that my post might vanish, I copy it before I click reply. I don't paste it anywhere, just leave it in the 'clipboard' just in case. That way, if it doesn't post, you have just paste it in, rather than have to type it again!!




  • Hi Louise - I get it! thank you. Out of interest and ignorance, what is the advantage of joining TUK? Please don't think I'm mean, but it seems that, whilst I am as fast as your average leopard slug, I can get the information I need from here - the members are fantastically well-informed, and the info comes in bite sized pieces that I can digest. (I hope that's not like asking the professor in a q&A session what is the point of enrolling in the degree course, but I suspect it is! Still, you can't see me looking embarrassed . . )

    The clipboard thing is a "duh" moment - I'll remember that, thanks.


  • It's fine to ask! :-)

    Here it is -

    The other thing is that the membership fees help to keep TUK running.




  • Well, that's sufficient reason.

  • I have had my rT3 and adrenal saliva tests doen through Genova, using the TUK discount. It was a good service.

    If getting rT3 done, then you need to get fT3 done at the same time so that you can calculate the ratio which is the important thing to know. I managed to get my GP surgery to draw the blood for both and do the fT3 test. I then went straight to the post office and set off the rT3 test to Genova. That saved a bit of money but I am lucky that my GP tests fT3 :) xx

  • Hi, Clare - thanks for the info; have only just found you can get the rT3 alone done on Genova as a result. And that will save me £136, so cheers for that!! Did the ranges from the NHS lab and Genova compare - or how did you do the calculation for the ratio?


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