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Getting very hard to access T3

My GP won't prescribe it because it's too expensive and though he hasn't come right out with it, I think he sees my weight as being a sign that T3 isn't working perfectly for me. It's a non-starter. He'll prescribe T4 if I want it.

My usual website for T3 seems to have disappeared from the internet, so I guess that's another avenue closed.

I have placed two orders with other sites. For one I've been waiting 6 weeks and they did not respond to my query asking about where my order is. I placed an order with the second about 10 days ago, sent a - very polite - email to ask if it had been despatched and got an almost aggressive response back saying that they can't access supplies right now and will not be threatened! Perhaps suspend sales if you can't meet orders...

I know we can't share names publicly which makes it hard to ask this question, but I would like to know if there is any website out there which is still reliable with T3 in stock, and doesn't require me to see a suspicious local travel agent to organize payment!

I've cut my T3 down by a third, and will cut it again, but I have a month's supply left at the most. I'm really worried.

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There is a shortage of Uni-Pharma T3 but as far as I'm aware Tiromel (Turkish T3) and Mexican Grossman Cynomel are still available.

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I think I may otder f from the same people . I ordered May 6th . I've emailed them a couple of times and was told it would be shipped last week . Emailed again today and received a very odd reply about how we're all in this together and asking us not to spread panic .


Hi Silly

I also had that odd circular letter yesterday about how the company concerned have paid for the tablets but not received the supplies! But it's not their fault etc!! X

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That's the one! I can appreciate that if people are threatening them or being verbally abusive that's not on, but to send a blanket email scolding all customers is not very professional. Best to be quiet though, or we'll end up with nothing...


Thing is there still accepting orders ! Why ?


There was another post earlier stating that quite a few had ordered/paid but it seems at the moment there's no stock. Probably there's been such a run on T3 probably my people who wish to sell it on to make bigger profits for themselves.

Also the UK T3 supplier has exhorbitantly increased the cost to £300 but am not sure whether that's for 28 tablets or more. Of course the opportune rise has enabled the BTA to withdraw T3 to patients who were well and caused immense distress. They could easily have allowed a non-licenced T3 to be issued.


So did I understand that last bit ..they could easily allow non licence t3 to be issued ..doctors could give us non licensed ?


Few will as they have to take all the onus on themselves should you feel better :) only joking. Info below:-

We know the BTA don't like us being prescribed T3 and it was so advantageous and too good to miss that MP increased theirs beyond belief, so maybe one or to of the members of the professions should try to get along without a thyroid gland for a few years.


Ok I understand its unlikely even If I can prove that I'm much better on t3 that my doctor would prescribe even on a temporary basis ? Be too much that he would actually want to see me keep the health that I have regained 😏...thank you


Ask him anyway. He could surprise you. Go to the date 17/01/2017 and this is the link and excerpt:-

In the FAQ’s for GP’s they state, “Whilst we appreciate the commercial imperative to cut prescription costs, like you, our first concern is that in all cases the clinical needs of the patient should come before financial considerations.”

They also state, “The decision to switch from L-T3 to L-T4 should be based on clinical considerations and should be reached in conjunction with the patient after a discussion of the risks and benefits. Patients established on L-T3 who continue to derive benefit from its use should continue on L-T3. However, patients with uncertain benefits should be considered for a switch to L-T4 and advice should be sought from an endocrinologist on how this can be safely done.”

This is most definitely not what many doctors are doing from what we are being told by patients contacting us and on our forum.


I've already got an appointment booked for Tuesday to ask my doctor to prescribe t3 , it's very unlikely he will but I'm getting so desperate that I thought that it was worth trying ..I will let you know the outcome ..I'm gathering as much iformation as I can to prove my case 🙏


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