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Patient Information Leaflet for Thybon Henning Liothyronine

Good morning everyone. I wondered if anyone has a PIL (written in English) that they could share with me please. I got T3 prescribed and the first meds I received were Thybon Henning (no PIL enclosed). I only realised when I got home. Next ones were Mercury Pharma, which I am OK with (both Levo and Lio). Got my GP to give me a private prescription as he could only prescribe 28 days of T3 at a time and I was worried about running out. Got my Thybon Henning from Germany but of course the PIL is in German. I am allergic to a lot of fillers, can't use TEVA or Wockhardt levo as they give me side-effects. Although I've used Thybon Henning before, it was during the first month of combined therapy and I didn't do very well, so I'm a bit worried that it might be the fillers rather than my body just adapting to the combined therapy as I've been good the 2nd month. I would be very grateful if anyone has a PIL that they can share with me (or just what fillers are used would be useful). Thanks in anticipation.

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If you haven't already done so, it's worth asking the German pharmacy that supplied your Thybon if they can help you obtain an English translation.


RedApple, that's a good suggestion. I've got an email contact. I'll try that. Thanks.


Please let us know how you get on, as this info would be useful to others I'm sure :)

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Hi RedApple,

I got a response from the pharmacy. They don't have any information in English (I thought this would be the case). I've done a screen print of the information on the composition of the tablets off their website. Would like to upload it to see if anyone can tell me what the fillers are, but I'm not sure how to do this. Can you advise me please?


Rita-D, Unfortunately, you can't upload it here as part of a comment, but you can add your screen print as a picture if you start a brand new post.


Yes, will do. Have emailed them. Not very hopeful though as everything they sent to me was in German.

Reply lists Henning Thybon and shows its ingredients as:

Liothyronin hydrochlorid ( Products) 0.02 mg

(SE) Liothyronin 0.019 mg

(H) Maisstärke, vorverkleistert +

(H) Maisstärke +

(H) Cellulose, mikrokristalline +

(H) Natriumcarbonat +

(H) Dinatriumthiosulfat-5-Wasser +

(H) Siliciumdioxid, hochdisperses +

(H) Rizinusöl, hydriertes +

(H): Auxiliary substance; (SE): corresponds

A bit of online translation gives:

Liothyronine hydrochloride (Products) 0.02 mg

Liothyronine 0.019 mg

corn starch, pre-gelatinized +

cornstarch +

cellulose, microcrystalline +

sodium carbonate +

disodium thiosulfate-5-water + (which would more usually be expressed as "pentahydrate")

Silica, fumed +

castor oil, hydrogenated +


Sanofi's own information is available here:

I have copied the German Patient Information Leaflet (or whatever they call it!) here:

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That's great Hellvella. Thank you so much for your help it's very much appreciated.

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