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Finally have had private bloods done - results

So, I changed my diet (no gluten, sugar, dairy, caffeine) quite drastically a week ago (before tests) and I've started different supplements. My Vitamin D was low at GP so took a prescribed 40,000 tablet that day. I think it's started to have a positive impact.

I've been feeling really rough. Hashimoto's with 150mg Levo each day, also a Fibro dx. I have no energy and I'm feeling cold a lot, however I was quite ill for four months before Christmas with a number of viruses.

My inflammation markers have come back as a concern with suggested retesting. From the GP, I know my liver function was high (ALTs) but don't have the figures.

Anyway, these are my results and I'm open to advice, even if it is continue with current diet changes and give it a bit of time.

TSH - 0.26: (0.27-4.2)

Free T4 16. 4: (12-22)

Total T4 101.0: (59-154)

Free T3 4.25: (3.1-6.8)

Thyroglobulin Antibodies: 234 (0-115)

Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies: 33 (0-34)

Active B12 154: (25.1-165)

Folate (Serum): 21.69 (2.91-50)

25 OH Vitamin D: 89.4 (50-200) - this was 60 last week at GP.

Inflammation Marker CRP - High Sensitivity: 3.67 (0-5)

Ferritin: 75.4 (13-150)

I'm wondering if an attack was kicking off in my system but I've curbed it, or it's yet to take full effect. In spite of viruses, I didn't feel hypo before Christmas and now I feel fairly awful: need to sleep lots and mentally foggy. I also lapsed from strict gluten free before Christmas but am now back on it 100%.

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Your CRP isn’t high - it’s in range (the inflammatory marker) - unless there’s a typo there? Does the medical report actually say it needs retesting?

I think there’s probably room for a levothyroxine increase. You seem to be converting T4 to T3 ok, so a little more levo, maybe another 25mcg, might make all the difference.


Thank you for replying. I've just re-read. If that particular marker is over 3, it indicates risk of cardiovascular disease apparently hence the need to retest. It does say lifestyle factors can help so I'm not too worried now I am being very careful.

What sort of figures should I be aiming for for the T4?


It’s not so much the FT4, it’s about having enough of your levo converting into T3. So ideally, you’re looking to get that FT3 figure up towards the top of its range.

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Thanks. I suspect GP is going to be loathe to let me increase based on TSH, which is how they prescribe. It took persuasion to let me go below 1. I think I'm going to make an appointment and try though.


There are differences in the descriptions of CRP and high-sensitivity CRP, according to labtestsonline :



Blue Horizon does standard CRP, Medichecks does high sensitivity CRP.

(And just as an aside, can I say that I absolutely hate the new design of labtestsonline.)

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Mine's the medichecks high sensitivity one.


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