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Thyroid nodule

I have recently been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid), late December 2017. I have been given carbimazole 5m to take 3 times a day. My T4 reading was 79, then 33, now 14. I had an ultrasound and it picked up a nodule on my right lobe of my thyroid. I have to have a nuclear scan this week. Has anyone taken herbs or homeopathic remedies to reduce nodule and how long does it usually take?

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Herbs and homeopathic remedies are unlikely to reduce nodule size. How large is your nodule? The nuclear scan should determine whether the nodule is 'hot' and secreting hormone which is making you hyperthyroid.


thanks for that. I don't know how large the nodule is yet, will have the scan this week but then I don't see my doctor for another 5 weeks.


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