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Switching Back to T4 Only - Did I Do It Right?

I recently went hyper from adding T3 to my regimen. My endo advised me to stop all thyroid meds for 3 days, then drop the T3, and take only T4.

So I went FROM:

5 mcgs of T3 twice a day

*50 mcgs of Tirosint once a day (*this was up to 88 mcgs of Tirosint when I went hyper, we went down to 50 a couple of weeks ago hoping it would help but I still felt bad)


88 mcgs of Tirosint once a day

Does anyone feel like I should've started lower with the Tirosint instead of the full 88? Or since I had only missed three days, is that a pretty even swap? I had worked up to 75 mcgs of Tirosint successfully before upping to 88 mcgs and then adding the T3 which proved way too much at once.

Also is it possible I will feel better sooner than the 5 weeks since I have been on some level of thyroid med the entire time? Or do changes always usually take the full 5 weeks?

Thank you for reading!


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The T3 will be pretty much out of your system 3-4 days after last dose. If you *feel* overmedicated on 88mcg it may be too much and you could reduce to 75mcg. If you don't feel overmedicated on 88mcg you will need to wait 6 weeks to see if you are biochemically euthyroid or overmedicated.

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Replying to my own thread in case in the future someone is in this situation and curious about another's experience. I started to feel better about 2 weeks after switching back to Tirosint 88 mcgs only so I did not have to wait the full 5 weeks. I am now only getting the heavy head/hypo pangs a couple of times a day or late at night instead of having the issue all day. Fingers crossed that I have reached my "sweet spot" dose....


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