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TSH Good, now FT3 Lowish :/


So just after I had proclaimed victory on levothyroxine, which I now know that doing so is more of an omen than anything, I had lab work done and have started to feel run down again.

Here are my latest numbers after six weeks on Tirosint 88 mcgs:

TSH: 1.3 (range 0.450 - 4.500)

FT3: 2.9 (range 2.0 - 4.4)

FT4: 1.69 (range 0.82 - 1.77)

T3: 88 (range 71 - 180)

Additionally my cholesterol is high at 205 (range ends at 200) and my LDL is also at the top of the range, 99 when the range cuts off at 99.

Do you guys think that an increase to 100 mcgs will help or is it time to bust out the T3 tablets? I have an appointment with the endo on Thursday and of course will discuss with him too.

Thank you for taking the time to read!


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Personally I would try going to 100 mcg. Tirosint first. When I was only on levothyroxine I felt awful on 88 mcg. I felt best on 112 mcg of levothyroxine, but took one day off from it per week to keep my TSH from getting too low. You may convert T4 to T3 fine, so it's worth checking out.

thyroidrose in reply to Gates

Thank you Gates! I also think I should probably stay the course.

Your FT4 is much higher in its range than FT3 is so you have a conversion issue. Have you any recent tests for Vit D, B12, folate and ferritin you can post? I think you will becrsther low in some orceven all of them. These need to be optimal, not just in range but they help the Thyroid work better, they can reverse a conversion problem but it takes time so need patience. It took me 5 months to do that but that depends on how low you are. They also help with some symptoms you may have as well.

Thank you Silverfox for responding. I have had D, B12, folate and ferritin testing done in the past year and everything is now normal (I had very low ferritin last year but it's now over 80).

I will definitely keep my eye on the trend in my labs. I thought I was converting but it seems like maybe I am not.


I agree with silverfox7 and personally I go with the t3 option. If you increase tirosint you may go over range on the t4. You are not optimally medicated yet.

Have you had your vitamins and adrenals ( dhea and cortisol) checked too?

Good luck with apt. Tell them adequate is not good enough.

thyroidrose in reply to Howard39

Hi Howard, thank you for the response. I have had vitamins checked which were all good but the adrenals were low which I know is not ideal. I am definitely going to explore the T3 again if I need to.


Also do you have high thyroid antibodies? This is Hashimoto's also called autoimmune thyroid disease

If so are you on strictly gluten free diet?

Essential to have good vitamin levels

Hi SlowDragon, thanks for responding. I do have Hashimoto's, my antibodies aren't usually insanely high, more around 100. I am not on a strict gluten free diet. I did try it for three months without success but maybe if I get my labs in order and I still have symptoms I will revisit it.

My vitamin D, B and folate, plus ferritin are all ideal from what I understand.

Replying to my own thread here - my endo advised me that my numbers look great and not to increase the Tirosint at this time. I am going to follow his advice for 1 month (take a walk every day, get enough sleep, eat more vegetables) and see how I do. If I am no better I will be calling and pressuring him for the increase. Annoying but I am willing to try the more natural route first.

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