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Mercury filling removal & beings Hashi's

I'm thinking about having my mercury filling removed.

I've been reading old posts & hyper links on this subject, which has been insightful & invaluable.

I understand the absolute necessity for a specially trained Dentist to carry out this particular procedure so to avoid mercury being ingested & the problems ingestion has caused for some people.

I wondered what other people thought or if anyone has recently had this procedure & what their experience was like in terms of detox/chelation & how many months it took to recover.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

I hope everyone is able to enjoy the sun today.

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All I know is that several people have had it done by professionals and then suffered abscesses and have lost the teeth concerned. I would be very wary...


Hennerton, thanks for getting back to me. Your information is very welcome in helping me make an informed decision.

Much appreciated 👍🏻


Another point is that one person I know had it done, lost the tooth, because it became infected within days and subsequently had to have it extracted. She found that having the mercury removed from all her fillings made not a jot of difference to her symptoms of low energy, aches etc and felt it was all a huge waste of money.


Thanks Hennerton. That's a good point since it's not a cheap treatment.

I'd be so cross only for symptoms to remain & be left with a hefty bill to boot.

Thanks again 👍🏻

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