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Off topic - mercury fillings

I have searched Health Unlocked, but can't find an answer, so I hope someone here might be able to help me. My husband lost part of his mercury filling, so went to the dentist and had it replaced with a white filling. I am concerned he may have ingested mercury either from his broken filling, or during the removal. Are there any supplements I should advise him to take to help his body eliminate the mercury? He is healthy with no health conditions. Thanks

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This is an excerpt from the following link and now that I have read it I will have to re-think about eating fish as I like it a lot. and if you cursor down to the beginning of the following sentence it will take you into a different page.:-

In this related post, I’ll give you more advice on how to safely eliminate the mercury in your body if you find you are toxic. Finding out if you are poisoned by mercury, limiting your exposures, and getting the mercury out of your body is absolutely critical if you want to achieve lifelong vibrant health.



Thanks Shaws, I have just looked at that information and it is really useful. One thing that really struck me was that when a mercury filling is removed from a person's mouth it has to be disposed of as toxic waste!


I think the person removing it has to wear special protective clothing!


It's true. I saw a documentary about a health transformation and part of it was mercury detox, so they had to remove the fillings. The doc and the nurse had to wear smth like a face hazmat, there was also some sort of air suction and it all looked very scary. And ironic, since this dangerous stuff is in your mouth...


It is mercury vapour that is especially toxic.

My daughter had hers removed on several visits to a specialist dentist in Manchester - despite dams, air suction & all precaustions, she still experienced toxicity afterwards & lost weight, still has spots under chin, all sorts - don't let your dentist just drill them out, it is the world's second most deadly poison (I think) not to be messed with. I read over on the PA HU site that B12 is also essential for chelating (detox). J :D


Thanks, I will make sure to spray him with the b12 spray when I do the children!


Hi midnight, I've spent many years looking into healthy living and watching the world become more and more toxic all the while. I don't know how you can escape it but at least you seem to know it would at least help to minimize where you can. There are pills like spirulina and other algae that are used to detox mercury BUT if you have more fillings, it isn't a good idea. Unless you can get rid of all of the mercury, it's better to leave as is. If you decide you can afford to switch out all your amalgams, there are now specialists who follow protocol. I hope the dentist used a dam covering all surfaces of the interior of his mouth when removing the fillings.

I've had a lot of fillings and still do and am still upright if that's any consolation but I shudder when I think of how much metal I've swished around my mouth at dental appointments.


Thanks for your reply. I don't think the dentist used any protection at all, just drilled out the rest of the filling! I didn't know anything about it until my husband arrived home pleased he had had his mercury filling replaced with a white one. From brief googling it seems some people eliminate it better than others, and as he has no gut issues I am hopeful it will be alright.


Hi Midnight Blue,

Not to be blase about this situation but my sister had a similar experience about two years ago. We never really found out if she passed it out in her stool or if it's still swilling around in her body.

The good news is she has not experienced or demonstrated any untoward effects of this accident so hopefully, your husband should be fine. Lest we forget, it's probably been in his mouth for some time and I think the real damage can occur when it's being drilled into very fine particles by the dentist.

If it remains in one small blob, it should pass through his digestive system quite comfortably and come out the other side. Unfortunately, this is a fairly common occurence and as our dentist stated when we called - 'this too shall pass!'

Make sure your husband drinks lots of water and non acidic drinks. If nothing happens to him in the next couple of days. I think he'll be fine.

Wishing you all the best and hoping the mercury will make a safe journey sewage bound.


Thanks Reykua, I will tell him.


suppose that's why mercury is found in river fish too! (Shaw's link).


Hi Sparerib,

I'm not sure I understood the premise of your reply.

I don't think there was anything wrong with my response to MidnightBlue and yes, I am aware of the fact that mercury has been found in river fish. I've also looked at Shaw's link so I'm not sure what I did wrong as I do not think I've broken any forum rules however as an Administrator, it would be useful if you could point them out to me.

Your reply sounded rather testy and brusque - would you care to elaborate?


Unless I am missing something, I think Spareribs is only commenting on the fact that mercury can travel through a person's system, end up in the sewer, and therefore in the river, for fish to eat, explaining why river fish as well as sea fish contain mercury.


Thank you so much for your response MidnightBlue. It's so nice of you to try to clarify the situation on Sparerib's behalf.

As English is Not my first language (I am fluent in four), I suspect that I may be inclined to read more into things than others and become a little anxious.

Having said that, I would have thought that the quantity of mercury passed into the rivers and seas from human effluence containing amalgam fillings would not be of sufficient quantity to affect the fish. If I had to bet, my money would be on manufacturers and other big business that may have mercury as a by-product of their processes.

Of course, it could be a combination of both although I am fully aware that most people in developing countries have not and do not have the 'benefit' of this course of treatment. Then again, it may just be a case of the 1% imposing their 'mistakes' on the '99%' as usual.

Wishing you and your husband well and thanks again for your very calming response.


Thanks Reykua, and thanks again for taking the trouble to advise me, it is appreciated.


Iv`e read that garlic can be good for removing mercury from the body.


We do love garlic, so will make some garlic heavy dishes, thanks.


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