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Amalgam filling and their removal...

So I had my first consultation recently regarding my thyroid problem. The subject of removing some of my 5 fillings came up. I will be getting some tests done to see if they are leaking.

My question is, has anyone had this done, and, if on the removal of the fillings, did they feel any better?

I'd like to hear from anyone with info on this.

Thanks very much


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Hi Karlos

There's been various discussions of this -I just typed amalgum into the search box here...


my daughter had several removed, at her cost, and was poorly for a while after, as removal does involve toxic effects, but she's better now. J :D


Hi K. I had 5 removed by a dentist specialising in the process (he used a dam and air extraction), some of which I'd had since early childhood.

They were done in two lots back around 2006/7. I ended up feeling quite ill both times - starting a couple of days afterwards, and settling down over about a week. Flu like symptoms with swollen glands and the like - with a temperature for a day or two.

Not typical according to the dentist, but I was by then only starting to recover after many years of auto immune hypothyroidism and related food sensitivities and the like.

I subsequently tested positive for mercury (which wasn't necessarily a result of the removal - more likely of leakage from fillings over many years) and did a course of DMSA chelation therapy, but was not tested again.

Think on balance that it helped my health quite a lot, but the chelation (taken in pill form over several weeks) also produced a feeling of being off colour (more subtle than after the removal) - possibly (?) as a result of the way it temporarily dislodges and puts into circulation metals that the body had carefully stashed away in locations chosen to minimise the harm they do.

I should probably have got tested again (if only to quantify the situation post chelation re. the mercury) and if necessary done another course - and do think it probably helped a quite lot - but at the time i struggled to work up the conviction to proceed given the risk, the fairly heavy cost and the short term disturbance to health.

One aspect about the whole thing is that makes it harder to commit to is that it's (a) not entirely risk free, and (b) there's not a lot of information about on the topic because it's not mainstream.



Hi Karlos,

just over 5 years ago while having treatment from a NHS dentist unbeknown to me he was drilling out amalgam fillings unsafely.

I only discovered this on one of the last appts, when he was rushing around and started drilling them out without the nurse being in the room and not using a evacuator on me.

My mouth filled up with fluid and before i coud spit, i swallowed it. When i spat the remaining fluid out i saw that it was amalgam debris.

This was what first alerted me to what he'd been doing over the weeks of treatment, i knew it was at least 50% mercury.

This lead to other symptoms that were incorrectly treated by my GP (he gave me cipro antibiotics for no infection + nsaids that are contraindicated ) and has consequently resulted in me not working for the last 5 years,

Before this i was very healthy and happy.

Once i started to get ill i went to a so called Biological dentist in Bedfordshire to have the rest of the fillings taken out safely, or so i thought then.

Big mistake, he never did all the precautions that he said he would and i actually got worse after the treatment.

So if you really think that taking out the fillings will help you ( as it does many people ) by all means get them out but do your research and make sure you find a really good dentist that really will use all the precautions ie Dam,hi suction,seperate air supply, special cutting drill/burr etc.and taken out in the correct sequence.

I was glad to get mine out but wish i had been more careful with the choice of dentist.

Once they are out you can think about safe chelation methods. I'm doing a protocol by Dr Andrew Hall cutler who after extensive research i believe has the safest method there is. I've been doing this for 2 years and have improved a lot during this time ( although i cant prove its the chelation )

Unfortunately blood tests are no good for showing mercury poisoning unless its very recent ie within 6-8 weeks of exposure. Mercury is stored in the fatty cells of the body and blood tests cant show this up.

Dr cutler states that some of the so called challenge tests are actually dangerous, as it can release more mercury than the body can handle, this can then make you sicker as the hg gets redistributed.

Sorry its a long post but i really dont want anyone getting hurt through ignorance..... like i did. I hope this helps a bit Karlos.

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I hate the look of my fillings, & would gladly have them replaced with tooth coloured ones, but It costs a lot of money,& I`m on benefits so that isn`t an option. I will however be requesting a blood test at the doctor`s for mercury.


Thanks for the info all, sorry to hear about your woes Dudley, I hope your health improves.

Best regards



And sorry for the late reply!


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