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latest results advice please

Hi please can I have some advice these are my latest results

T4 19.5(11-26)

T3 5.5 (3-6)

TSH 0.77 never been given ranges

at the moment I am taking 5 mg carbimazole 3 times a week Tuesday Thursday and Saturday I have telephone appointments at the moment with my endo hes not keen on me cause I won't have the radio or op our latest conversation was what plan do I have do I continue as I am or do I come off meds and see what happens nothing will change till September thats when I've been on meds for 18 months for the second time first time I was on block and replace but it came back feeling well at the moment but not sure what to do please help/advise thank you for reading

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Results look good. TSH is low-normal, FT4 is just over halfway through range and FT3 is just in the upper third of range.

If you feel good on Carbimazole you can remain on it indefinitely. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/286...

Alternatively, give it another go weaning off in Sept. and resume Carbimazole if remission fails again. There is less than 50% permanent remission in hyperthyroid patients with confirmed Graves Disease.


Thank you Clutter for your reply the thing that worries me is the endo said was to stop the carbimazole no mention on dropping the dose further then stopping and no blood tests between now and September but blood test sometime in November



I'm not sure what it is you want to do?

Your levels are fine now and endo has told you to continue on your current dose until Sept. Perhaps blood tests aren't needed when you are on a stable dose? A blood test 8 weeks after stopping Carbimazole seems sensible to check you've not become hyperthyroid.

If you want to wean off you could reduce dose by 2.5mcg each week every month but I would recommend you to monitor with blood tests if you adjust dose.


Ok thank you Clutter for your advise think I was just unsure if it was ok to just stop the carbimazole and not reducing the dose down my endo 's not very helpful



5mg x 3 per week is a very small dose but there are people on 5mg per week. There's always more than one way to do a thing. Perhaps discuss with your endo cutting down to 2 x 5mg per week during July, then 1 x 5mg per week from August and zero in Sept.


Will do once again thank you Clutter for taking the time to reply and give me some advice really appreciate it

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