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Advice please

Hi I’ve just had a blood test after feeling terrible. I use to take levothroxyine 150-200 mg but still felt so unwell so I’ve I started to take Nature thyroid 65mg been taking since Oct and been so ill since

Latest test result TSH 33.93 mu/L free T4 8.2 pool/L vitamin D 39 nmol/L b12 350ng

Has anybody has experience of coming off Levo and going onto Nature Thyroid ?

I ‘m desperate to feel well again any advise would be appreciated

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Your results show you are undermedicated with such a high TSH. Can't comment on FT4 as you haven't given the range but I'm guessing it's below range. When in NDT you need FT3 testing.

65mg Nature Throid (1 grain) is 38mcg T4 and 9mcg T3 which is nowhere near the total T4 that you were taking with Levo only.

Your Vit D is extremely low, it is recommended by the Vit D Council to be 100-150nmol/L.

Your B12 is also low, it should be nearer the top of the range, even 900-1000.

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Usually (and I'm not medically qualified) we start on a dose of NDT equivalent to what we took on levothyroxine. Your dose of NDT is too low and you should increase by 1/4 tablet every two weeks until your symptoms are relieved. This is a past post which may be helpful - particularly Clutter's response:

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You are very undermedicated. 150-200mcg Levothyroxine is equivalent to 146.25mg - 195mg NDT. You should be okay to double dose to 130mg and then increase in 32.5mg increments at 2 week intervals. Hold at 3 grains for 6-8 weeks and retest before increasing further.

VitD 39 is insufficient. I would supplement 10,000iu D3 daily x 6 weeks then reduce to 5,000iu daily and retest late April. Take vitD 4 hours away from Levothyroxine.

B12 350 is probably okay but if you have the symptoms in pop over to as they're the B12 experts.


Thank you I have increased


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