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Dear All,

I've been taking 40mcg daily of liothyronine Mercury Pharma for the last couple of years. I was given a different brand in December (Morningside), and wasn't feeling great so asked to go back to Mercury. I was told that they couldn't get Mercury, but gave me Teva this time.

I'm not sure whether I can put it down to this. I also have a lupus/sjorgrens overlap and think I might be in peri-menopause. Anyway, am feeling on another planet. I could sleep all day long, can't get on and do anything and don't want to do anything. I made myself go to book club last night, and they were talking about a book that we'd read a month ago...I simply couldn't remember it!! Now feeling quite frightened and very low. Does anyone else have this total fog and exhaustion? I used to be a lawyer, now I can't concentrate on anything.

My local GP is too busy (it takes weeks to get an appointment), and he's never very interested because I don't have very bad symptoms and can normally just get on with it. I always come away feeling like I'm making a fuss. I am also terrified that he will take my T3 away.

I am thinking of going to my private GP tomorrow because I feel that it's becoming noticeable to others and I hate that. I can't really afford it, but I think I need a full load of blood tests. If anyone had time today, please could they advise me on what I should get him to test for. When my son was ill with a virus last week I was giving him vitamin d3 and Floradix, so I took some too. Probably stupid as it will affect bloods?

I think TSH, FT3, FT4, Foleate, D3?

I'd be very grateful.

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How are your B12 levels ? - also Folate & Ferritin too ? If any are low in range they can cause your symptoms of fatigue. Also check VitD.

In your post/thread of 24 days ago you discussed the possibility of a Private Prescription and obtaining Thybon Henning from Germany. Any progress ?

Private tests are available through Thyroid UK .... link below. There is a post today about the Special Offers available !


Tests required - TSH - FT4 - FT3 and Anti-bodies TPO & Tg. B12 - Ferritin - Folate & VitD are very important.


Thank you. No progress yet. My children were ill and so that's been the priority for the last couple of weeks. Now I need to sort myself out. I think I will see my private GP and get him to do these blood tests...and also for a prescription for Thybon Henning. If I do it that way, local GP need not know.

Thank you. I will take your list with me. I know that my antibodies used to be very high, but am now gluten free so may be better.

Thanks for advice.


Hope all goes well - let us know the outcome !


Add B12 and iron tests.

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Everyone is obviously different and has a different journey. However, I've been on 20, 30 & 40 mcg of T3 only a day. I've now increased on my own to 50mcg a day. I do take a mixture of makes but not together. I will take the NHS T3 for a few months then when run out of that, will start on what I've bought abroad. I have no idea if the different makes of T3 make any difference to me. I've had severe brain fog, depression & anxiety & have now started on individual B vitamins. I'm currently taking B1 (500mg a day), B3 (can take up to 1,000mg a day), B6 (200mg a day). All B vitamins are water soluble so any excess comes away in urine. I also take B12 about 3 times a week; plus high dose Omega 3; vitamin D, high dose vitamin C. Plus others which are recommended on this forum - Selenium, magnesium, zinc.

i personally have wondered if I've got a mental health illness alongside my Hashimoto's so that's the reason I've started on the high dose B vitamins + high dose Omega 3. But it could be the fillers in the different variety of T3 you have been taking.


Why not take a good B complex like Igennus Super B.


I've never heard of Igennus Super B. Perhaps it would be better for me? I was taking something like Nature's Best multi B and it didn't touch me.


I've just looked up Igennus Super B... not high enough doses, particularly B1 which can take up to 500mg a day.


You're not taking the full spectrum of B vitamins though

Also B5 is important, especially with vitamin D




That's a lot of vitamins! Do you mind my asking how old you are? It's just that I was listening to menopause week on women hour a couple of weeks ago and thinking that the mental symptoms of hashis and menopause can be quite similar....if we have them both at the same time, no wonder we can't think straight.

Thank you Marigold.


I'm 66 now. But have had the underlying depression & mental health symptoms for decades. x



Dfferent brands can affect absorption. If you prefer Mercury Pharma your pharmacist should make an effort to order it in for you. You or pharmacist can contact concordiarxinternational.co... and they will help. If your pharmacist won't help you try another pharmacy.

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Mercury Pharma T3 is available. You may need to ask around and find helpful pharmacy

Many people can not tolerate change in brand

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Thank you all. Unfortunately my local gp has it's own surgery and dispenses from there. If they would give me a prescription that I could take elsewhere, I'm sure I could find some. I just don't want to make a fuss in case they take it away!


When I went to Boots to pick up my remaining 4 jars of Mercury Pharma Liothyronine T3 up two weeks ago I was given Teva instead. They made all sorts of excuses but unfortunately I just didn't have time to argue.

First couple of days when I started I had a strange headache and felt a bit extra irritated etc.

After two weeks most of the negative symptoms seem to have calmed down a bit and I have noticed one positive issue which is my body temperature which always was hovering around the lower end of 35C (sometimes on the 34C scale)Mercury Pharma is now often over 36C.

I am just about start my second jar......but I still have my yellow card here on my desk.

Would be interesting to know if anybody else just has started Teva (only) and is feeling ok.


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