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Greetings Throidians!

I don't usually blog but here's my story. I became abnormally exhausted beginning in 2002 (aged 40 ish). GP offered Prozac, I said not without further investigation (that made me popular) because I thought I was hypothyroid. I have a strong family history and recognised the signs and symptoms. Blood tests all within normal range. I got nowhere so two years on and getting worse, I changed practice. Still got nowhere. In 2005 I asked for referral to endocrinology, which was refused on the basis that my thyroid function tests were within range. I asked for a low dose thyroxine trial, no way. I would've signed a disclaimer, even. By this time I was desperate. I had been in a senior nursing position to now a few hours on the nurse bank in a junior position. Eventually I collapsed at work and that was the end of my nursing career. It was implied that it was my age and that I was depressed. I wasn't. I was incensed by the comment, "denies depression". I stood my ground and was referred not to an endo but a general physician. Better than nothing. He was good. I had brain scan, synacthen test for adrenals and myriad others, all of which came back normal. He diagnosed me with chronic fatigue syndrome in June 2005, and in October 2005, my TSH was 46.90!! 😲 Started on levothyroxine 25mcg daily which gave me chest pain. I had all the heart tests: normal. More disbelief from GP because thyroxine is usually 'well tolerated'. From this site alone I can see it isn't. TSH came down to within range but I was still exhausted so I saw a private GP and eventually began taking self-imported Nature-Throid (natural dessicated thyroid gland) and liothyronine as Cytomel, at great cost. I felt better on this, though I suspect I have reverse T3 or some other glitch in how I metabolise it. I remain unwell, am now under a different sort of specialist who wants me to take liothyronine alone, which I'm willing to try if they pay for it! He has agreed to talk to my GP about it if there is an issue. I'm glad of that. I hope I don't have to battle for it but will if I have to. The liothyronine producing company has a monopoly in the UK, and that has to change for prices to decrease.

What I have learned is that I am stronger than I thought I was, and however hard it is to stay positive, I believe that change for the better is imminent. We are Thyroidians! We can do it! 💪💪💪 Sending hope and big loves to you all. XXXXX

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The liothyronine producing company has a monopoly in the UK, and that has to change for prices to decrease.

That is no longer true. There is no longer a monopoly. Instead there is a cartel, and all the companies involved in supplying the NHS with T3 in tablet form charge exactly the same, enormously inflated price. See this link for details :


Welcome to the forum!

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Thank you.

Some questions :

Do you have copies of your latest thyroid function tests you can post (with reference ranges)?

Have you tested your basic nutrients recently? If yes, those results and ranges would be useful too.

Have you optimised your basic nutrients?

Have you had your TPO and TG antibodies tested?

There are things we can do to help ourselves. It is just a case of finding what we can improve then working out how to improve it.

On the subject of T3, it can be bought online although I don't have an active link. It costs about £20 - £25 per 100 x 25mcg, unless I'm out-of-date. It's a fraction of the cost of the T3 sold to the NHS in the UK.

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The title should have read GREETINGS THYROIDIANS! A T3 link would be good if you can remember it, otherwise I'll look myself. I have been researching thyroid and associated autoimmune diseases for 15 years, and in that time have been tested and treated by doctors of funtional and environmental medicine, complementary and alternative therapists, as well as by the NHS. I keep myself well informed, but thank you for your comments.

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