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New Formulation of Teva Brand Levothyroxine

I have been on Health Unlocked for Thyroid Condition. I have been told by a benign Pharmacist years ago that as dosage of levothyroxine is the main thing the brand did not matter. However whatever you get will never work how your body would, so the thing is to get brand that does the least damage in how Human you feel. Added to which I also take adrenal replacement steroids. They also do not "talk" to your body because of entry through the digestive system & not getting natural instructions from the Hypothalamus/Pituitary/ Thyroid glands needing fully functioning adrenaline. (I had low because I stopped making mine after having wrong diagnosis for Asthma.) Never got better, inflammation severe took on board more steroids to subdue this, So when I got Generic Brand of Levothyroxine & saw on packet New Formulation I wondered how & why? Well It has another ingredient in along with usual fillers Maltodextrine which as we all know is a sugar derivative. I have felt worse & mainly because I take Adrenal replacement Hydrocortisone. The addition Teva has made makes me think they are trying to speed up the take up of their Thyroxine. OK if patient only on Thyroxine replacement pehaps but I don't think its so in my case. If you look on patient Information on both drugs I take It says to talk with Specialist 1st. Never had that luxury as decisions through circumstances taken out of my hands. Sorry about long e-mail. But all I have said should be strongly considered. So I would repeat one Thing New Formulation of Teva Levothyroxine.

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Mercury Pharma, Actavis (also known as Almus and NorthStarr), Wockhardt and Teva are all generic makes of Levothyroxine. The benign pharmacist was wrong. Different makes or brands of Levothyroxine can significantly affect how Levothyroxine is absorbed and affect wellbeing.

Teva Levothyroxine was withdrawn in 2011 or 2012 due to potency and stability issues. It was reformulated as lactose-free and became available again in October 2017.

A number of members have complained that they feel unwell on Teva.

Ask your pharmacist to order in the brand you previously felt well on. If your pharmacist is unhelpful ask for your prescription form back and take it elsewhere.

Please also complete the yellow card report form yellowcard.mhra.gov.uk/


He cannot always get the one that does least harm. Which is Mercury Pharma- Pharmacies have to buy their drugs from a particular supplier that serves their area. I have now 2 brands that are seriously bad for me Wockhardt which i had delivered last time & returned & got teva. Yes I do know "benign" pharmacist wrong. I was always questioning when I got different brands & how I felt. Unfortunately as a large part of the population Thyroid & Adrenally challenged patients are the Cinderella of the Medical Establishment. They put out Tenders to the countries that can make drugs cheaper. Teva for example is made in Poland. But then distributed in UK



If you shop around you should find a pharmacy who can order your preferred brand. Contact concordiarxinternational.co... if your pharmacist is having difficulty obtaining Mercury Pharma. Independent high street pharmacies are usually more flexible than the chains like Boots and Lloyds.



I am not sure what is happening here. According to Teva themselves (newly downloaded Patient Information Leaflet), the ingredients of their New Formulation Levothyroxine are:

• The other ingredients are maize starch, mannitol (E421), microcrystalline cellulose, sodium citrate, acacia and magnesium stearate.

Marketing Authorisation Holder and Manufacturer TEVA UK Limited, Eastbourne. BN22 9AG.

This leaflet was last revised in 12/2016

PL 0020/1971-3 and PL 00289/0038-9

Download link:


No mention of maltodextrin. Manufacturer stated to be Teva in the UK.

The OLD formulation of Teva Levothyroxine, the one that caused the withdrawal of their licence, contained dextrin.

(I have, of course, assumed you are in the UK. Your profile does not indicate otherwise.)


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