So what do people think of teva (new formulation) levothyroxine?

This basically carries on from my first post if u would like to read your more than welcome..

So new formulation from teva, levothyroxine was introduced oct 2016 i think maybe before, have been told by people on here their license was withdrawn in 2012/2013 and this is why they brought the new formualtion out, i have asked chemist this and my doctors who havent a clue about it, but obviously they wouldnt admit either way...

So has anyone had any problems taking the new formulation? Or even just the teva brand itself?

Im trying to figure out why my bloods went haywire around this time with tsh over 100 and if the symptoms of anxiety/restlessness/too much energy/ severe ibs symptoms loss of appetite were just due to too much levo or the new formulation, or that my tsh just went high after not taking them for 2 weeks? but the symptoms of anxiety etc dissapeared...

been off levo for 3 week now no signs of hypo symptoms as of yet and waiting for my t3 results that i should get mon/ tue next week which i will post on here, and im thinking of not taking levo until i see the endo in around 4 weeks..

Any opinions?..

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  • It made my top lip tingle.

  • Do not like the taste - a strange salty-sweet with a hint of bitter. Of course, that isn't important, and it is not so bad that I wouldn't put up with it, but am surprised how I notice the taste however quickly I take some water and swallow.

    Am wondering, where were yours made?

    The Patient Information Leaflet for mine says PLIVA Croatia Ltd. - in Croatia. Teva have not put the PILs on the EMC site, and the one available on their site does not identify where it is manufactured.

    At present, reserving judgment. Certainly don't want to either put people off, nor endorse as the best thing ever!

  • Im not sure where mine were made to be honest, i have now removed all traces of it from my home since getting the actavist brand instead, as do not want to accidentaly take the teva instead!.. strange about the taste though didnt notice that when i was on them!..

  • Maybe it is my particular way of throwing them into my mouth? :-)

  • ? ? .... :o) ..

  • Very good!

  • Thought you were on actavis with a hint of unithyroid added in,, have you changed brands

  • When Teva launched their new formulation and included a 12.5 microgram tablet, I thought I would try it instead of my Uni-Pharma 12, but still alongside 100 microgram Actavis. Would save me cost and effort if it works out.

    Have taken Teva for two weeks, last night swapped back to Uni-Pharma, as I am trying to see if there are any differences. Will report back when my opinion is settled. :-)

  • Have you noticed them being larger than others at all ?

  • No - the 12.5 ones are very small. Certainly smaller than 100 Actavis or 12 Uni-Pharma.

    I guess, if they use exactly the same mixture for all their tablets, then a 100 would be the same volume as eight of their 12.5 tablets. Which would be quite large compared to many.

  • I've been taking the 25mcg and they are larger than the 100mcg, I've stopped taking them due to sickness and nausea

  • YES.

  • I have just gone into teva levothyroxine and I have noticed they are larger. Don't know if it is coincidental but I have been tired since switching around a week ago.

  • I've got a lot of aching muscles , is that what you mean by being tired?

  • May be if you are not happy with it you should fill out a yellow card. That way if many have problems it will be looked into

  • Hi, well this is what im trying to figure out before i see the endo.. blood work has gone haywire had been since august last year, plus since october i have been having bad side effects since the new formulation of teva was introduced,... i took one 50mcg after 2 weeks off of them and ended up in a&e with some kind of shock to my body, shaking uncontrollably heart racing, chest pains, sweating, nausea! Not took them since so have now been off them 3 weeks, doctor has provided another brand which is actavis, but dont want to take anything until i see the endo really...

  • What's a yellow card? Thanks.

  • You fill in a yellow card if you have any undesirable effects of any medicines

  • I've definitely noticed the difference since the change. All the old hypo symptoms (plus extras like splitting headaches every day) back with a vengeance. I'm presuming it's just my body adjusting, I've been on it about 2 weeks now. Not sure there's an alternative?

  • What were you taking before teva ?

  • I don't have any left to check but after google imagine I think it was Activis for the 50 and Wockhardt for the 25' it's both Teva. Do you know what the difference is?

  • Google 'imaging' I meant!

  • Just to update this thread. I found a couple of my old Actavis levo tablets at the back of the cupboard and took those as an experiment, within hours the constant headache I'd had for 3 weeks straight (that painkillers weren't touching) had gone, that night I slept through and I generally started to feel back to normal. I've since been back to the pharmacy and they've swapped my Teva supply for Activis and made a note on my file. I'm so relieved. I have no idea what's in / not in the Teva supply but its was as though I wasn't getting enough or even any of the thyroxine I need, I'm just surprised it took me 3 weeks to work out what was so wrong. The pharmacist said I was the first to complain but I expect I won't be the last! Thank you to this site for being there when I googled "Levothyroxine new formulation" and affirming my concerns.

  • It has been the same for me Elishq.

    Have steadily felt so unwell since taking tevo brand.

    Been to my pharmacist today and asked for my old Activis brand of levothyroxine. Trouble is, he only had 100mcg tabs, so asked me to cut a tab into quarters to allow me the full 125 mcg daily dosage.

    So grateful to know it's not just me.


  • I experienced similar symptoms last month as I was teva for a few weeks - migraines, palpitations, anxiety and sweating, alongside feeling pretty terrible in general. Gone back to activis and apart from feeling drained and really lethargic - all the other side effects have gone.

  • Also my skin went really dry, still is, hair started falling out again and I had severe pains down my left arm and shoulders.

  • I'm not doing well at all. I actually considered whether the new formulation was a placebo. My joints ache, skin dry, hair falling out and I'm so tired I could curl up and die. All my symptoms have returned. I feel like crap. Anyone else ?

  • I've been feeling the same way. I just found out Milan the manufacturer added sucrose to the levothyroxine. I believe that's the reason I've been feeling so bad. My joints ache, malaised, nausea, stiff all over. I contacted my doctor and she told me to contact the pharmacist and well that's how I found out the change made. It makes sense based on all I've been reading now. We're taking nothing but a sugar pill. I'm getting my levels checked now to see how they measure up.

  • Well unlucky for me i changed to actavis and although i have been alot better i still have the anxiety on and off and drastic mood shifts that are like i get a wave of horrible feeling of depression then happy again 5 minutes later so strange, anyone else?

    Waiting to see the endo as my bloods are out of whack so hoping for answers...

  • I too have recently swapped to Teva Levothyroxine, only on 50mg at present as I have only been recently diagnosed. I am so upset to find that these new formulation tablets are pretty useless at dealing with the daily grind of hyperthyroidism. My original tablets were like little magic pills, I had approx 13 hours of 'normal' and it felt marvellous. 2 days of the new formulation and digestive tract is poor, sweats off and on but feels overwhelming, carpel tunnel, tennis elbow and shoulder pain are back, hips are hurting again despite recent injections, painkillers don't touch it and I've hardly slept because of the pain ............... I too wondered if this is a placebo as it certainly doesn't feel like it's doing anything positive - be interested to hear from others. Denise x

  • I have been on Actavis Levothyroxine for years and have had no trouble. Got a new prescription which was TEVA and YUCK, when I took my first dose this morning. I shall have to cut out all salt in my diet now as these three pills must be over my daily allowance and I nearly spat them out. If this is a new formula, I hate to think what the old one was like.

  • I had an almost immediate positive response to changing back to Activis but then after a day or two I felt a bit all over the place - like someone mentioned above - I could feel terribly deeply depressed for about half an hour and then totally fine, very weird! It took a good couple of weeks at least to feel better all round, but I still don't feel quite like I think I should. Ive only ever had TSH bloods done, I definitely feel better when I eat gluten free, but I know I should get the full bloods done privately if I have to and go from there. I don't know what that TEVA thing is all about, I just know it was hideous for me! And my poor MIL who is 82 also got switched on to it (for 4 months) - she felt literally at deaths door, and of course being that age never questioned it might be the "new formulatio" Teva. When I shared my thoughts she switched back to Activis and is slowly on the mend but it's taking its time. On the TEVA she had no good days, now she is at least having good days interspersed with very very tired ones. Before the TEVA she was in tip top condition, 82 going on 60!

  • hI I have just had a months TEVA never had this one before the 100 mg is Teva the 25 mg is lockhardt however since this new lot i am itching from head to foot with little tiny spots coming manic itching till i bleed so sleep is non existant this has only happened since i had the new tablets so i am going to doctors tomorrow to have my bloods done i feel rubbish and keep putting weight on the amount was increased in January so i am either under or over need to know i used to have a coffee after my tablets and after 15 years have just found it it makes absorption of throxin between 23 and 55 % less stopped doing that 6 weeks ago so maybe i need less so have to use a process of elimination to pin down the problem maybe its the new tablets any one else had this

  • Hi all, I was moved from Actavis to Teva some time ago. I still need to check the exact date with the GP. I of course noticed the change in brand, but to be honest, thought nothing of it at the time. About 3-4 months ago I went to see my GP as I thought the level of medication may need adjusting, as symptoms reminiscent of those I associate with under activity were back. GP weighed me and I'd put on 2 stone in a couple of months. Both really surprised! My GP booked me in for blood test T4/TSH and results were normal. He also booked me for a blood test to test for menopause. This came back positive. I've struggled on, thinking that my symptoms are related to menopause, but reading the posts, I'm not so sure now. My symptoms are as follows. All of which I experienced when I was under active.

    Trouble sleeping, including getting to sleep and waking during the night

    Low energy

    Irritability and can snap quickly

    Mild clinical depression, it's like I am living behind a fog and can't engage or find enjoyment in life

    Lack of focus, difficulty reading a remembering a recipe (even simple stuff)

    Can't learn and can't retain information

    Hate sexual contact

    Terrible short term memory

    Weight gain and now difficult to lose weight

    Dizzy spells, had to stop driving

    Tinitus back again


    Hair is thinning again

    I've made an appointment with my GP and am going to request to switch brands back to Actavis. If my symptoms ease, then I will know that it was linked to change in brand and not the menopause. I'll let you know the outcome.

  • The surgery issued script with 'New Formulation' a month ago, been on 100mcg Levo around 6 yrs...I have been to HELL AND BACK , 5 times with stomach trouble, incredible pain and pains all over the place..TEVO MUST BE AVOIDED!!!! I complained to the Doctor today and told him after research and finding out more here that many, many hypo's were extremely anxious on this new stuff, they have put a note on my records that I must only have Actavis thank the GODS!! I am booked to see a Gastro in July they are going to do tests hopefully this will now subside, no idea what is in them but I have been dire and my gut feels like it will explode the Pharmacy the woman quipped 'its the coating'???????????????????? I asked what did she mean? No have all been warned no probs up until this Tevo so avoid it what ever you do , its deadly.

  • Prob the acacia in teva,, will take little while to settle.

  • I wasnt fussy and just took what the pharmacy gave - 6 weeks on teva - and my world went to hell. I am now fussy and would warn everyone to avoid Teva new formula lest they too would like the symptoms similar to guillain barre - which seems to be what zero T3 feels like... Back to actavis and slowly coming back - I am angry that 3 months of my life were made a living hell..

  • I'd been on actavis for many years and no problems. Then 6 weeks ago my pharmacy told me that atavis had merged with teva and I would be given teva in future. I was told not to worry as it would be the same as atavis in every way just different packaging!!

    As I still had 10 days of atavis left, I alternated them. I did notice a few minor problems - restless and a lot more sleepy. When my atavis ran out I went full time on Teva. Then my problems really started. In it's favour, I'm sleeping better than I have for years. Unfortunately, every couple of hours I'm waking up with a really dry mouth and also desperate for the toilet. I have a drink of water and then go back to sleep immediately - such luxury for me! The problem is I can't wake up in the morning. Instead of getting up 7.45 - 8 as I usually do, I'm forcing myself out of bed at 9.30 - 10.

    I'm really tired all day. I'm also having lots of stomach problems - desperate to pass water all the time and a really upset stomach. I seem to alternate between being ravenously hungry and having no appetite. It's really odd.

    My restless leg syndrome in my hands has got infinitely worse. But far and away the worse problem is anxiety. I have a lot of periods when I'm really scared and worried - about anything and everything.

    I was given my second lot of teva this morning. I returned it to the pharmacy. As luck would have it when I got there my hands would not stop shaking. I showed the pharmacy my hands, told her about the problems with teva. She's ordering atavis for me to pick up tomorrow morning.

    The annoying thing is that I do not hava pharma levo or lio because they contain acacia, which I know I'm allergic to. After much searching on the net this morning, I discovered that teva contains acacia as well. I do not believe that all my problems with teva are down to acacia, I think something else was going on.

    In fairness to teva, I would add that I am extremely sensitive to all meds.

  • First I've heard of any merger. helvella this surely isn't true is it ?

  • I don't believe there was a merger - I could not find any reference to it on line. I do not know why I was told that there was. Usually, my pharmacist is really helpful. They know about my sensitivity to different meds. It was not the pharmacist that told me there was a merger it was an employee in the pharmacists. I assume I was told that because they thought I would object to just being switched to a different brand after being on atavis for so long.

    I'm sure it all comes down to cost.

    I looked up the history of teva. It's disgraceful the way they've performed over the last few years. I suspect their tablets are cheaper than other brands to encourage pharmacists to issue them. They are also not keen on publicizing the contents of their meds either. I did find the contents but it wasn't as easy as it is with some other brands.

  • Been on Teva Levothyroxine for over a week and suffering with nausea quite badly.

    Saw the pharmacist today and he said there's nothing he can advise to ease this. He also said he has no control over what brands he gets in. So I can't even request another brand for next time.

    I had what I thought might be side effects from the Wockhardt brand so was happy to see that the brand had been changed when I went to pick them up, I was eager to try them. But now I'm feeling so ill on this with different side effects!

    Just wish I could find the right meds and start feeling as well as I was before I was put on Levothyroxine!

  • HI Kanga57

    when I was taking levothyroxine I told the pharmacist I could only take the Actavis brand as the Mercury Pharma brand he once gave me made me feel sickly.

    After this he specially ordered the Actavis brand for me.

    I should have another word with your pharmacist and tell him this, if he still insists he can't do it try another chemist.

    Good luck.

  • Thank you lucylocks.

    Sounds like you had a helpful pharmacist there.

    I will try at another chemist tomorrow, as I got the impression he either wasn't interested or simply didn't know very much.

    It's good to know that they will change the brand for you if you're having problems.

    Thanks again.

  • Hi I've had a really bad 3 weeks on Teva. Hot flushes waking me at night, racing heart at night, achingly cold feet in bed in 23 degrees temperature bedroom, sprained wrist etc. Stopped Teva on Friday and have had no flushes etc.

    Going today to get a replacement if poss. Also filling out a yellow card.

  • Much relieved to discover it's not just me suffering from Teva side-effects. Will fill in yellow card now.

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