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Teva Levothyroxine Tablets back on the Market!

Teva Levothyroxine Tablets back on the Market!

You may remember that Teva levothyroxine was withdrawn some time ago due to strength and manufacturing problems.

Teva has just informed Thyroid UK that their levothyroxine is now back on the market (as from 17th October).

We are extremely pleased to see that not only have they also introduced new dosages – 12.5mcg and 75mcg – but all their tablets are now lactose free. Thyroid UK is constantly being asked about lactose free levothyroxine and these are very expensive on the NHS. Teva levothyroxine tablets may well be the answer.

Teva tell us that they have changed the formulation of their tablets so do check the ingredients if you decide to move from your current brand.

Although their clinical trials show that their tablet is stable in terms of patients being able to swap from one product to another, they also explain that prescribers of their levothyroxine tablets should continue to monitor their patients for any clinical signs and symptoms of adequate thyroid hormone replacement because some patients may require adjustments for reasons not related to the pharmaceutical properties of their tablet.

For more information about this go to: tinyurl.com/z4a4u8h

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I have very mixed feelings about this.

✅ Good that Teva have had to go away and do something.

❎ Bad that it contains acacia.

✅ Good that it is lactose-free.

✅ Good that there are more dosages available.

❎ Bad that it contains maize starch (for those who are sensitive to it).


maize starch

mannitol (E421)

microcrystalline cellulose

sodium citrate


magnesium stearate


Has anyone seen any levothyroxine branded Numark in recent months or years?

The old Teva was also packaged as Numark. Am just wondering if any other product has been packaged as Numark since the disappearance of Teva. And whether Teva packaged as Numark might return soon.


Teva Thyroid Replacement

I have just been given this medication by my Doctor, luckily he said, it is the same price as Actavis ect...so isn't a problem prescribing it.

However, my usual pharmacy can't get hold of it, so am awaiting a call from Boots the Chemist to see if they can get it for me. Fingers crossed!

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Why have you been prescribed Teva? Most of us get prescribed 'levothyroxine'.

And you shouldn't have to care if it is or isn't the same price!



I decided to take out dairy from my diet and feel better. I asked about a lactose free product and possibilities for accessing this.

Unfortunately, the Doctor had to look up the cost implications first' sad, I know but anyhow when he looked it up it was the same price as Levo (which most of us are prescribed the generic form of)

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I had new formulation of Teva but cannot tolerate acacia in them. Bloated my stomach had fever and chills. Also the tablets are bigger so obviously more fillers.

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Only on Teva tablet number 5 and within an hr of it being in my system I've got body tingling like pins and needles throughout arms and lips and burning up.

If this persists I'll be stopping the Teva tablets as it feel allergy like. Horrible feeling.

It's either the Teva or a bug but seems to much of a coincidence.

Just posting incase anyone else has had this happen.


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