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I FEEL GREAT! Any comments on these results please?

I feel absolutely great AT LAST. Any thoughts on what I'm doing right? Or wrong? I'm worried that I won't know what to do if I go downhill again because I'm not quite sure what I did right!

I'm on a cocktail of:

NDT/Nature Throid 4 grains per day

Anti depressants 20mg per day

Lansaprazale for acid reflux 15mg per day

Vitamin D3 5000

Low dose HRT combination patches

My recent results are:

TSH0.005 (0.27-4.20


FREE T412.9 (12-22


TOTAL T462 (59-154


FREE T36.46 (3.10-6.80


REVERSE T316 (10-24)

REVERSE T3 ratio26.29 (15.01-75)



Thyroid peroxidase antibodies+135 (0-34)

ACTIVE B12>256 (25.10-165)

FOLATE (SERUM)4.2 (2.91-50


VITAMIN D95.1 (50-200)


FERRITIN73.2 (13-150)

MAGNESIUM0.86 (0.60-1.00


CALCIUM2.20 (2.20-2.60






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Well congratulations!

TSH is very suppressed. FT4 is low in range which is typical when taking NDT or T4+T3. FT3 6.46 is high in range and it is probably this which is making you feel well.

rT3 is halfway through range which is fine.

Thyroid peroxidase and thyroglobulin antibodies are positive for autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's). There is no cure for Hashimoto's which causes 90% of hypothyroidism. Levothyroxine treatment is for the low thyroid levels it causes. Many people have found that 100% gluten-free diet is helpful in reducing Hashi flares, symptoms and eventually antibodies.



Active B12 is high. If you are supplementing you can stop for a while or substantially reduce dose. If you are not supplementing high B12 can indicate serious underlying disease and you should see your GP.

Folate is low in range. You can raise folate by eating more leafy greens or by adding folic acid or methylfolate for a few months.

VitD 95 is good but you can continue supplementing to maintain level until April.

Ferritin, magnesium and corrected calcium are good.

CRP is an inflammation marker and yours is over range indicating inflammation or infection somewhere in the body. If you feel well just keep an eye on it by retesting in a few months.

Cortisol is within range.


If a member can say she/he feels well, they are on the correct dose of hormones for their needs.

Congratulations on having a positive post which will encourage other members who are struggling.


Lansaprasole is a PPI - you may not need it now your on better mix

Most hypothyroid people have low stomach acid, not high stomach acid

Almost exactly same symptoms, very very different treatment

PPI's tend to lower vitamin levels, obviously you are supplementing to get around this

Hundreds of posts on here about low stomach acid

You MUST NOT just stop any PPI it must be weened off very very carefully

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SlowDragon I ran out of lansaprasole a couple of weeks ago and by day 3 without I was in agony, so I’ll have a look at low stomach acid treatment but staying on it for now.


Just been to NHS GP for check up. He’s very interested in how I am self medicating because he says he has a few patients who are not well on Levo.

He said ‘Congratulations on your determination to get better, I know it was nothing to do with us’. x


How nice to be congratulated by GP, instead berated for taking an alternate option and getting yourself well

Look at posts for slippery elm - lots seem to have good success with that for acid reflux


Thank you

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Hi muirfoot, Glad you are feeling good. Try to wean off the acid reducer because your stomach lining has inflammation and while trying to overcome that it actually causes acid reflux. I think that deglycyrrhizied licorice is pretty effective. Later try to wean off the antidepressants. They actually interfere with thyroid hormone.


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