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T3 update

Does anyone know what's happened with the T3 debate in this country? I signed petitions to stop the NHS from making it unobtainable in the U.K. but am not sure what the current situation is and just feel worried. I have needed T3 + Thyroxine since I was 19 and any time my T3 dose has been lowered by doctors, I have gone through awful periods of bad health, including the past few years. I am finally getting back on track but am so concerned about going through that again.

I have some T3 left from previous prescriptions / online sources but am worried that my doctor told me the other day that my blood test would no longer include testing for T3... does this mean we can no longer get it in the UK at all?! And worry supply from other trustworthy sources will run out...

Any info anyone has, please share?

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Not heard or seen anything yet 😊 Others may have something to say ....



NHS England decided against a national withdrawal of Liothyronine. However, CCGs can make local decisions to withdraw Liothyronine.



Thanks all. Really helpful. I will be going back to my GP with the NHS report... I recently had an endocrinologist refuse to even see me because I was requesting T3 on the NHS (the price privately is totally unsustainable). I have no quality of life when I am not on it so fingers crossed for enlightenment!

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Good luck , its so hard I know .


Thanks and you too x


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