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Post thyroidectomy T3 confusion!

Thank you in advance to anyone who reads this and can help me. I thought that due to thryoidectomy and a long period of rest and recuperation that life would finally seem a whole lot better! I saw enocrinologist early December and got my results yesterday which have totally confused me! (Also, I am taking 100mg Levothyroxine since surgery plus some cancer was found but was within the margins so no need for any further treatment)...so, I was keen to have my T3 tested more than anything as GP is not able to ask for this any longer (in Scotland) and the results are as follows:

TSH 0.25 (range 0.4-4.0)

T4 19.4 (range 9.8-18.8)

T3 0.7 (range 2.3-6.1)

parathyroid 4.2 (range 1.5-7.6)

The Endocrinologist goes on to say that my T3 is within the normal range!! Am I losing my mind or would anyone see that the numbers just don't "add up?"

I discussed the T3 issues that are hitting the press and she said at the consultation that if it was not within range that she could not prescribe T3 any longer (which I already knew!) but I am unsure why she has said that it is "within the normal range!"

I have tried to contact her but have had no joy so far today. Will keep trying but in the meantime, has anyone else had this issue?

P.S. I continue to struggle to lose weight despite seeing a nutritionist and following a sensible "adrenal support diet" and keeping my blood sugar balanced.

I feel very despondent as I feel I have like many people here, been through a lot already. Any help/similar stories or advice would be great,thank you so much.

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Looks like endo needs it pointing out that FT3 is significantly below range

Ask GP to test vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12 too if not been done

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Thank you for your comment. The vitamin D was perfect (at least that's something!) but I think the B12 tested with GP earlier this year was not in range so I will now have to chase this up! It is neverending ~ this is the hardest condition to monitor and control!


"The Endocrinologist goes on to say that my T3 is within the normal range!! Am I losing my mind or would anyone see that the numbers just don't "add up?" "

T3 0.7 (range 2.3-6.1)

Ermmm, endo needs a maths lesson methinks! No, you're not losing your mind! The more I read on here, the more I despair! If you manage to contact your endo, don't hesitate to point out the error.


Thank you SeasideSusie!

I think someone has made a mistake and I am losing my faith in getting accurate and honest results ~ it was also written in a letter so I don't even have the actual LAB result to see myself! I think the medics are under huge pressure but when you're waiting 2 months, you expect to at least have accuracy and correct advice!


Sometimes things get lost in translation between the doctor who dictated the letter and the secretary who typed it. Shouldn't happen in such an important job but unfortunately it can. I remember reading that due to the enormous amount of correspondence, some can be farmed out rather than the doctor's own secretary typing them, not sure if that still goes on.

As a former secretary who was very particular and pedantic, you can imagine how this type of mistake bugs me!!!


Yes, I agree and I spoke to the secretary herself who sounded very harassed and apologised that I hadn't had a reply in 2 months! I am sympathetic but now I just need to know if the mistake is clerical or from the lab!



Have you considered ordering your own TSH, FT4 and FT3 tests? Medichecks are offering the Thyroid Monitoring test today for £29.



That is a very very poor freeT3 result. Especially given that the freeT4 is over range and the TSH is okay.

It makes me think it's possible there could be a mistake. Maybe the 0 was mistyped and should have been a 2 or something. Then at least the Endos comment would make sense technically.

I'd be tempted to go with Clutter's advice and get your own blood tests done. If this result is anywhere near being correct your freeT3 is really really bad, and no wonder you feel wretched. You need T3 to get Tha number up, and if your Endo won't prescribe it. Juicy may need to self medicate. Unless you're able too search around and find a decent GP, but they are under enormous pressure not to prescribe it :(

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SilverAvocado, thank you for your comment.

I have chased it up but the promise of a return call with an explanation has not happened yet! I will have to be patient!

I am very tempted to have my own blood tests done yes, although it could be very different now that two months have passed since the first T3 test. I know it will be a battle even if the result of 0.7 was in fact correct ~ I will have to rethink and find myself some T3!


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