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I know due to reading some recent posts that T3 supplies have been very low and it is all changing in Greece where you cannot buy over the counter. I had ordered my T3 over the last 18 months from an on-line supplier recommended by someone on this site and my first two orders were delivered as promised. However, I am now quite worried as my last order ( I ordered a years worth of tablets..as i was really worried about the evidence of supplies running out and mine are now very low.) I got an order number as usual , and was told it might take a bit longer than usual to receive them...up to two weeks...HOWEVER, it has now been over a month and I have received no update from the supplier, nor a reply to my email asking where the order is , which is unusual for them as they are normally quick to respond. I can't find the post of exactly who recommended them so can't PM that person, but has anyone else on here, who knows who I am talking about and also orders from them had the same problem?

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Unfortunately, the company were quick to respond and customer service was good when there were no problems but their customer service has been found wanting since there have been shortages and delays recently. I can only suggest you keep contacting them to ask when your order will be shipped.

Hi Clutter...Many thanks for your quick reply...oh dear...hope I don't lose my 135 Euros...as long as they do finally get here...I'll keep trying to contact them.

Hi Joel,

I used the supplier of Greek T3, who required payments through moneygram etc. My first two orders were spot on: well on time and the communication was excellent. My third (and last!) order arrived late, they sent me incorrect medication (hydrocortisone instead of T3), were rude about it and refused to take responsibility. I lost 35 EU (I'm taking a small dose of HC but HC was cheaper than T3). Needless to say I won't be using them anymore. Other people have had more luck: they have been receiving their orders but with substantial delays. There were also some delays at Heathrow around Easter. Hopefully you will receive your order: check what you received and how much you received as soon as you get it. Take care

Think it could be the company I just placed an order with yesterday ..oh I hope I get them it was a lot of money , I'm worried again now 😳

I'm sorry ;( We are all in the same boat. They used to be very reliable but there have been problems with at least one of the Greek T3 suppliers:



Yes I know , it's just hard for everybody involved , my doctor can see that t3 has given me my life back but still won't prescribe it ....or isn't allowed he says ...meanwhile we are now looked down on as common drug dealers 😳

"Breaking bad" is the only exciting part of it! Although, I think the suppliers could be called "drug dealers", which makes us....."junkies"?

Yes 😳😳😳😳😳

Thanks Kitten1978 and lola1956...well i am going to have to be a lifelong 'junkie' now as these drugs DO work :) ....am slightly worried as like Clutter says...their service doesn't seem to be what it was....i just had a reply this morning which says HALF my order has been shipped and they forgot to tell me...but they didn't say what date they sent it....so I guess it's just watch this space


Did they give you a tracking number?

Hi Clutter...yes they gave me a tracking number for what they said is half the order they are sending so hopefully I will receive some soon.


The tracking should tell you when it was shipped.

Hi Clutter...wasn't sure how to do that but just had a look and apparently it is 'in the uk' Heathrow Tracking Centre..they posted it on 24th May ..service not great at our end either then !

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