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Getting T3 outside EU and EU (not UK) customs clearance problem?


I know some online sources from where I can buy T3 medicine Cytomel (from Mexico) or Tiromel (Turkey). I am not asking about sources, so please don't close this post. I know I could get T3 from unipharma from Greece, but I already have it and I want to try different brand now.

I know that some of you are taking Cytomel or Tiromel. I am wondering how you bypass customs if you buy it from outside EU and you are living in EU. From what I understand any package that is sent from EU within EU don't need to pass any checking. But if the package is sent from other countries, it will need to pass customs. And if they find out that I was buying prescription drug, I could get into trouble. Except for UK. You can import medicines to the UK in appropriate quantities for your own use without any problems. But I am not from UK. For other EU countries I think this is not allowed. How do you resolve this problem?

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First - you cannot get T3 in Greece at all at present. So I am assuming that wherever you are sourcing it from may be charging and arm/leg for each packet.

First of all thyroid hormones are not drugs. They are life-giving hormones and I am sure countries as well aware that those who have hypothyroidism need daily doses of that hormone.

Whatever country you are visiting/sourcing from phone the Embassy and ask if it is possible to bring through customs your own thyroid hormones.

I think most people who source their own thyroid hormones abroad it will come through the post so the company that is supplying the hormones will or should know the procedure when they are exporting outside their country.

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Hi Shaws, Do you know why is T3 unavailable in Greece at present? I was in Crete in May and was able to buy it from most pharmacies.

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I just received today answer from one source and he says that there is no shortage of T3 Uni Pharma in Greece at the moment.

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Check the profile of the member who said that by clicking on their user name, are they (1) a new member and (2) Have they made any posts on the forum. If the answer to (1) is yes and (2) is no then take their information with a pinch of salt. Send a private message to one of the Admin to check out any supplier recommended to you .

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What are you confused about?


Sorry to say, I have no idea of the legal issues for any country other than the UK.

It would be really helpful if those who are familiar with other countries would post what the situation is for each country. If there is any official evidence (in the UK a lot of our law is available online plus guidance documents from our customs).


Any reputable supplier will not accept an order to send prescription medications to countries that don't allow their citizens to bring them in from another country.

Your profile says you're in Slovenia. Information I have read suggests that it is ok for you to buy prescription meds for yourself as long as it's a max of three months supply. You may of course have to pay customs charges, but that is something you will need to check out yourself. As the medication will be sent to you by mail, there is probably no way to bypass customs.

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I called customs office. In Slovenia it is from 2014 not allowed to mail any medicine through post office outside EU, even for personal usage. It is only allowed to bring medicine through border for personal usage if you carry it with you. Any package within EU goes directly to recipient without any check.

Hi confused, could you p.m. me with the Unipharma T3 supplier you used please. Grateful.

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