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Period's pain and eltroxin

Am 29 , female , unmarried , Usually before i was diagonised hypothyroid and started takin eltroxin and vit d 2000 , I had less (pms stomach pain) before periods and less cramps during periods , so I usually take ibufron durin periods and it gets relieved.. But after I started taking eltroxin and vit d 2000 daily from last month...( Now amm on my 5th week of eltroxin and vit d 2000) , now PMS stomach pain and period pain is so so so horrible... It worse than labour pain . In next, 2 days my period Wil start , today too it's paining like hell , don't know what to do ,lower abdomen paining alot . 😞 Very afraid tat how much it's gonna pain when my periods start in 2 days. Someone pls help why eltroxin and vit d causing this.much pain.. Is there any other way to prevent it.. pls helppppp !! 😭😭😭😭😭😭

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This should improve as your body gets use to eltroxin. It takes 6 weeks for each change in dose to have full affect. You will have been started on relatively low dose. This is increased in slow steps, testing 6-8 weeks after each increase

Heavy periods are classic sign of hypothyroidism

Ask GP to test ferritin, vitamin D, folate and B12

These may need supplementing to improve low levels


I didn't tel ABT heavy periods , lower abdomen stomach pain is too worse after taking eltroxin and vit d I said 😞


Period problems are common with hypothyroidism and your TSH was very high. Until you are on the right dose of eltroxin and you aren't nutrient deficient you are likely going to have period problems.

IMHO You need to get your hypothyroidism and nutrient levels sorted out then start to deal with your period problems. The reason for this is that most of the treatment for period problems is hormonal e.g. combined contraceptive pill, mini-pill, mirena coil and these all can have side effects e.g. hair loss, nausea, bleeding. This means if you add more hormones into the mix then it will be almost impossible to work out what problems are caused by you having an insufficient eltroxin dose and what is caused by the hormonal contraceptives. In addition you GP is unlikely to do a proper investigation what is causing the problem, bung you on hormonal contraceptives and then just blame any problems on your hypothyroidism.

In the UK if your periods are regular you can take Tranexamic Acid which you can get off prescription from Boots and other pharmacies. This is a stronger NSAID than ibuprofen.

BTW How low is your vitamin D level? There are no results on your previous posts. As if you can get your level to optimal quicker it may actually help get rid of some of your symptoms as 2000IU is a maintenance dose.




What was your vitamin D test result and range?

It could take you years to get up to optimal level if you don't check you are taking a high enough supplement. Lack of vitamin D in some cases unspecific pain.


I haven't did vitbd test at All... Once 6 weeks of takin eltroxin is over , I will check al.. iron, vit d , TSH,ft3,ft4,ferrin folate


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