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Good Advice Needed

Good Morning,

Really hoping someone can help me...

I have recently had a thyroidectomy for a small follicular carcinoma. I also had hysterectomy this year...I'm only 40! Having Hashimotos for nearly 15 years previous and Fibromyalgia I am well aware of how symptoms can flare and leave you on a whim. My issue is I am suffering terribly at the moment from migraines almost daily. I am currently on HRT, 75mg Levothyroxine, and vit d, 100mg of Topirimate.. managed to get myself off citalopram and pain meds...much walking crying and yoga! I was on 150 Levo, but it never really hit the spot. I have read a lot about Armour and T3 and would like to discuss with my doctor..but and this is where I need your help. I have BAD brain fog... I need a full proof way to explain to him what I want in terms of the above and why. Anything extra nutrition wise you think might be helpful then yes please.

I look forward to seeing your advice.

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What about other vitamin levels, B12, folate and ferritin? What is your vitamin D level and how much D3 are you taking?

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Post your thyroid and vitamin results and ranges

You sound under medicated to be only on 75mcg after being on 150mcg

Dr Toft, past president of the British Thyroid Association and leading endocrinologist, states in Pulse Magazine,

"The appropriate dose of levothyroxine is that which restores euthyroidism and serum TSH to the lower part of the reference range - 0.2-0.5mU/l.

In this case, free thyroxine is likely to be in the upper part of its reference range or even slightly elevated – 18-22pmol/l.

Most patients will feel well in that circumstance. But some need a higher dose of levothyroxine to suppress serum TSH and then the serum-free T4 concentration will be elevated at around 24-28pmol/l.

This 'exogenous subclinical hyperthyroidism' is not dangerous as long as serum T3 is unequivocally normal – that is, serum total around T3 1.7nmol/l (reference range 1.0-2.2nmol/l)."

You can obtain a copy of the articles from Thyroid UK email print it and highlight question 6 to show your doctor

please email Dionne:

Prof Toft - article just published now saying T3 is likely essential for many, otherwise they need high dose Levo and suppressed TSH

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Hello, so sorry have been so unwell today. Have no energy at all. Ok I really don't understand the levels. I have tried to understand by reading the info on the website, but I am not the brightest button. I have requested the last 3 blood tests from my doctors, so then I will be able to give you accurate data for which I thank you in advance for your help with interpreting. I only take Fultium D3 800 IU box says eqiv to 20micrograms as gp as never offered me anything else. As yet....steady yourself for this I have never seen a Endocrinologist.......despite my request s...and yes I gave had thyroid removed 31/10/17 for thyroid not a happy individual currently. But I am seeing the ENT surgeon who performed the surgeon this Wednesday so will be again insisting that it is reasonable to see an endo after 15 years of dealing daily with this.


When you say "HRT," are you on bio-identical hormones, or synthetics? Which hormones do they have you on? If you're on synthetics, I strongly urge you to look into bioidenticals. If you're only on estrogen, you should also consider a hormone saliva test to make sure you don't need progesterone - or even testosterone - as well.

Finally, I second the need to know what your various vitamin levels are, but particularly (at least given my experiences with being hypo and having symptoms like brain fog) - ferritin and Vitamin D.

Doctors will particularly blow off low ferritin levels, deeming them unimportant, but they are vital for helping your thyroid medication actually work!


Hope this is some help - my hysterectomy at 46 was a medical emergency in child birth losing also one ovary. I managed for seven years on Remifen and when I didn't think I'd ever walk around the block went on half dose HRT. Then developing IBS ( on top of food intolerances also had severed nerve ending trapping wind). Mindfulness more helpful than any drugs I've tried to help me sleep through this. Then Hashimotos - I'd already radically changed my diet - dairy, grain, sugar, fodmap free - then changing amounts of Levo. What's helped me 'feel' better the last six months is working religiously on my deep unit - the postural muscles the transversus abdominis (TA), multifidus and the pelvic floor. You start to feel like you're walking on air, biking, swimming's a dream and even when you've had a bad night like last one (just bad timing of things that usually wait for morning) I can manage to keep going without needed to rest. (Almost forget I supplement with high Dose VIt D, Codliver oil, magnesium, zinc, B12, and multivitamin). Sometimes it feels like a full time job but I've a husband who supports me, a teenager daughter to love and look after and my writing about all this.

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Just a little update...

Taken into hospital last week with migraines, awful experience..but has kick started some good. HRT has been changed from tablets to a patch, Topiramate is done with, candesartin started. Now on B12 plus usual Vit D and magnesium. Today and yesterday feel quite well, Neuro on 9th Feb, waiting for Endo appointment. Feel a little more heard, so fingers crossed for a few more healthier and happier days. Thank you all for sharing your experiences, much appreciated when you feel so alone. I will post last few blood tests once I've collected from the doctors, still grateful for any view points on those.


Glad you're getting a little help but do post your blood test results and we'll try to help you interpret them and people can give good suggestions. Did the hospital give you B12 or did you decide to supplement yourself? If taking B12 it's a good idea to take a good B complex to keep all the B's balanced. HealthUnlocked Pernicious anaemia is the forum for good advice on B vitamins.


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