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Some Advice Needed


I am sorry if this is not the right place for this, but I am feeling desperate.

As I am finding out, like so many others I feel I have had symptoms of a underactive thyroid for a while, but my bloods have come back 'normal'.

These are the symptoms I am getting - do they sound like a thyroid problem to you?

Sensitive to cold - I have a blanket and hot water bottle I have to keep at work to stay warm.


Pins and needles in my hands and arms - happens fairly regular.

Low sex drive

Unable to lose weight - despite doing Slimming World and 3 exercise classes a week when I was off work (no way I have energy for this now I'm back full time!)


Itchy mouth - this drives me up the wall and stops me from sleeping.


Tiredness - bed at 9pm every night!

My doctors has put all my symptoms down to anxiety - which is extremely frustrating! I am no-where near as anxious as I was when I was diagnosed with anxiety! I tired explaining this to the doctor - but because I was in tears (due to the frustration of being told I was 'normal') - it was dismissed!

Before I kick up a fuss, I need to know what you think - is it worth getting a second opinion?

I think I am going to ask for the a copy of the exact blood tests that were done. I have requested a copy of private GPs.

Also - do you know if it is worth asking for a ultrasound? I have been reading - a lot - and some sites say that's how most people get diagnosed.

Thank you for your support!

- BowsandHearts

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As a first step you should make a request to the Practice Manager for a copy of your blood test results, you're legally entitled to these although there may be a small charge.

When you have them to hand, start a new thread and include the results so members can comment.

Many of us have found GPs to be useless when it comes to diagnosing thyroid disorders, preferring instead to dole out ADs.

In the meantime take a look at the front page here, scroll down for lots of useful info:

Have a good read especially regarding vitamins and minerals.


Hello bowsandhearts, one or two of you're symptoms are similar to celiac disease too,could you have that? There's a very close proven link between that and thyroid hashimotos,but cinnamon girl is correct on all counts please follow her advice and get print outs of your results and post them,good luck.


Yes, do get your printouts on here for comment.

I was in the 'normal range' according to my blood test(s) - probably only tsh test, but was feeling awful for 20 years before a correct diagnosis from a private doctor. I didn't have this site to refer to; I'm wiser now.

Good luck.


Hi Bowsandhearts! In similar situation as you. When I went to my gp a couple of weeks ago explaining my extreme tiredness (I work for 3 hours then have to go to bed for 2 hours to recover!). He felt my throat and said thyroid felt abit 'funny'?! He requested blood tests and ultrasound straight away. Blood tests have come back normal so I'm still waiting for appointment for ultrasound on my throat. Perhaps you could go back and request ultrasound from your gp? Hope they work something out for you .

Best wishes


Aprilskies - never just accept it when a doctor says your tests are "normal". You need to get copies of your results including the reference ranges. One common example is TSH is 7.3 (for example) and the reference range is 0.5 - 5.0. This will be classified as "normal" by many doctors because they don't accept there is a problem until TSH is over 10. But many people don't feel well when TSH is over 2.0!


Thanks very much for your advice humanbean! I will get copy of my results from my gp practice :)


Sorry for you late replies! I haven't just left. Thank you all for the advice!!

Today I have sent a letter to my GP asking for the full details of the blood tests. I have also put a complaint letter in regards to the way I was treated by my GP.

I am disgusted that I was not listened to and that all my symptoms were put down to anxiety - a symptom of a thyroid problem - not a diagnosis - a symptom!!!

I will be posting the results as soon as I get them.

Thank all for your support

- BowsandHearts xx


I have my results - they are

THS - 3.0 miu/L

T4 0 14.0 pmol/L

They didn't test for T3.

What do you guys think?


- BowsAndHearts


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