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Will t3 thicken my hair

Tsh 2.77 peroxidase 91. Everything else is normal. Will t3 help thicken my hair and regrow hair. Hair appears to have stopped shedding in huge numbers this past 3 weeks. H pylori was treated 104 days ago. Do u think t3 will help thicken my hair and regrow it. All hair is so fine and weak very limtied regrowth.

Collect t3 presc tmw. Not sure if i shud take it or wait and see what happens to hair now it appears to have slowed.

Hair loss and sheddinf diffuse from entire body

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It depends why you lost your hair. Is it due to low T3? Or something else? Low iron, for example.

As you say you collect your T3 tomorrow, I presume you've had it prescribed. If it has been prescribed, I presume it is because you need it - it's not just about hair. So, I don't understand why you would hesitate to take it. I think we need more information to be able to answer your question. For example, do you have any lab results you can post on here, with the ranges?


No1 knows y i lost my hair. I have a prog dr and asked 4 it. He wasnt goin 2 giv me it. He gave me it based on my anyibodie and because i said i was devastated by d hair loss.


Well, that's the way it usually is. People rarely know why they have lost their hair. That is why no-one can answer your question.

I lost my hair, too. All of it. It all just fell out one day, in the shower. Never did find out why, but I was on T3 only at the time. So, it wasn't lack of T3. We just have to try these things and see if they work.

However, no-one can possibly say whether or not you need T3 without see your labs.


What are your recent Thyroid levels and Vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12 ?

If you post results and ranges members can advise


Also sex hormones if you have had them done as a very common reason for hair loss in both men and women is aromatisation of Testosterone into DHT. If it is that, one of the hairloss shampoos based on regaine/minoxidil might work.


All good i have previously posted them.

Question about rt3 ratio. Mine is 19.08 the range was 15.01 to 70 is it ok high or low?


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