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did anyone actually get back their hair with hypothyroidism?

anyone who had hypothyroidism actually got their full head if hair back? thing is i been off levo since 2014 and i feel a lot better the only thing is i have bad anxiety that gives me chest pains and palps and i do feel a bit tired but im active. and my hair is really thin and still falling so i wanna know if anyone actually got these symptoms under control and able to stop the hairloss and regrow their full head of hair. please let me know what u did im really desperate to grow it back, i know i ask this question a couple times but im so scared to try ndt or t3 cuz i feel better than i did a few yrs ago and i cant afford to be sick right now! please help me im desperate to get my hair back people make fun of me and i have no friends at school cuz i look bald and weird, i look like a dying cancer patient please help :(

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Just had a look at your last post, where it was explained to you that you need thyroid hormone replacement for life. You can't just stop it because your blood tests come back into range.

The labs you posted three months ago, showed your FT3 was still low, even if it was 'in-range'. It's low T3 that causes symptoms, so you won't get your hair to grow back until your T3 is optimal. You need to go back onto some sort of thyroid hormone replacement.

There could also be other factors affecting your hair, and you were advised to get your vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin tested. Did you do that? Have you had any other tests in that time? Have you had your antibodies tested? I think, what you need, is complete thyroid and nutritional testing to try and find the problem. Otherwise, anything anybody says will just be guessing. :)


can u give me a list of the tests to do, and other thing idk if my country even offers these tests :( also i read that u need to have requirements before starting ndt like thyroid-s, i wanna order it and try it but im scared of the bad palpitiations thats why im not on any thyroid meds. i appreciate your help thank you so much im really really desperate to get better i cant live like this no more i need treatment and my idiots drs wont help!!


Nor do we - as you don't tell us your country - either in the post or on your profile.

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Well, you've already been told what tests to do, but here it is again.






vit D

vit B12



So, where do you live? It's helpful to know, because then if anyone else from the same country reads this, they can advise you. But it's not very helpful to you to give you advice that only applies to the UK. :)

I don't know what you mean by 'also i read that u need to have requirements before starting ndt'. What are 'requirements'? What you need are optimal nutrients. Which is why you need to get them tested.

Why do you think NDT - or as some prefer to call it, DT (although that could be mistake for something else!) - will give you palpitations? Palpitations can be a symptom of low thyroid, as well as over-medication.

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well i live in trinidad and tobago and its kinda hard to get treatment regarding thyroid issues cuz its so rare to have those conditions here. the requirements were as u already mentioned the optimal nutrients. thanks for the listing and sorry i bother u so much i really wanna get my life back 2017 thank you :)


Yes, I understand. :) I didn't know that thyroid issues were rare in Trinidad and Tobago. I wonder why that is. It must be very difficult to get to find anyone that knows anything about it, then - it's hard enough in Europe! I can't imagine it would be possible to get private tests, either, then. Where do you go to get your blood tests done? In a hospital? Is it not possible to have a chat with them, and see just what tests are possible? Then you could have a chat with your doctor and explain what you need and why.


Good advice from GG.

I can really sympathise with your feelings about your hair, but it's difficult to advise you, unless you have now tested your nutritional status and have test results to share with the forum? Your hair loss is probably related to your hypothyroidism, but if your ferritin is also low, for example, that would also affect hair growth.


very good advice from GG...


my hair was so thin after month and month of falling out, that i had to cut it short (from hip length) then i started milk kefir (before my hashimotos being treated) and my hair has grown strong and thick again.

my guess is, it was the multiple vitamin B's that are in the kefir that gave me my hair back.


My hair went really thin at the sides and after i started thyroud hormone replacement it all grew back. I even grew back my eyebrows but it took a while. I was fiagnosed hypothyroid getting on for 30 years ago and my hair has been ok since. In fact i have lots of hair, in good condition with no grey, despite being almost 60.

Why are you no longer on thyroid meds?

Xx. G

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well mostly because i felt really sick on it, in 2014 i took a selenium pill and got really bad palpitation and my anxiety started from there so ever since i stopped it mostly cuz im scared of palpitations and well since stopping it i felt kinda better but still tired with the hairloss and anxiety.


If you need replacement thyroid hoemones, you hgad best find some which suit you, without them you will get slower and slower with all sorts of problems, till you stop,.

Have you had a recent thyroid test!? What were the results?



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