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Help With Interpreting Husband's Thyroid Test Results Pls :)

Hi! Could anyone in the know, interpret my husband's thyroid function test results please?

He has Lupus which is well maintained with the right meds, and is seen by a Rheumatologist who has tested his thyroid function recently.

This was the result, they don't do T3 sadly.

Free T4 = 17pmol/L N. Range = 10-25

TSH = 1.40 mU/L N. Range = 0.55 - 4.78

Any thoughts, will be gratefully received!

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Too bad they don't do T3 but these are within the lab ranges and would be considered normal, however, as he has one autoimmune condition, what about thyroid antibodies, have they been tested? TPO and TgAb antibodies?


Thanks Nanaedake! No he didn't, seemed he had every other test though including antibody test related to Lupus done, which states they are within range. Might be worth him paying for T3 test to make sure he converts well.


You have to do FT3 along with TSH and FT4 if you want to check it. So no blood tests for thyroid autoimmune antibodies TPO thyroid Peroxidase and TgAb Thyroglobulin?

I would think it only worth doing these if your husband has hypothyroid symptoms as blood tests above don't indicate a problem.

Low vitamin levels can give symptoms similar to thyroid disease so best to rule out low nutrient levels but I don't know anything about lupus.


Thanks! Fatigue is one he gets at times but that can be systematic of various auto immuno disorders including Lupus. Another is loosing weight. He is extremely stressed at work (case overload) and claims he doesn't stuff himself. He eats quite healthy at home. Stress and poor sleep could be a factor I suppose if the thyroid seems to be normal. He takes multi supplements too. Thought it was good to rule out thyroid issues. Perhaps a new less stressful job is in order, easier said than done! 😕


Do you mean he takes multi vitamins or do you mean various different supplements?


Multivit and mineral, Fish Oil


Multivitamins are mostly counterproductive. If they contain iron then its likely he won't absorb the other vitamins. Also, they are usually the poorest quality vitamins and not large enough doses if you do actually have a deficiency.

Ask GP to check B12, Ferritin, Folate and Vitamin D. GP's will often say they are find if in NHS range but rocking along the bottom of NHS range won't make you feel well if you have autoimmune conditions. Your vitamin levels need to be mid - laboratory range with B12 near the upper part of the range. If nutrients are below range then GP should arrange supplements. If not, you will likely have to source your own.

Get GP to run the vitamin tests first and take it from there but get a print out of the results and don't take the doctors word for it that all is fine. Check it out for yourself.

I don't know what vitamins/minerals are important for people with lupus but everyone needs good levels of the above mentioned nutrients.


Thanks for your help! ☺


If you’d like T3 tests carried out. You’d need to do them privately. Try Blue Horizon or Medichecks. The latter usually does a discount on Thursdays.


Thank you, I had my T3 done through them. Maybe in the new year. Merry Christmas!:)


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