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is it thyroid??


I'm a 27yo female and I am really suffering at the moment...


sensitive to cold to the point of vomiting

no libido

hair loss

period problems

unpredictable bowels..

the list goes on.

bloods are as follows:

Thyroid Peroxidase Antibody 38 ku/L (0 - 59ku/L)

Serum TSH level 1.85 mu/L (0.35 - 5.5mu/L)

Serum free T4 level 14 pmol/L (9 - 23pmol/L)

Serum free T3 level 4.1 pmol/L (3.5 - 6.5pmol/L)

all saying within range but I have a huge GOITRE, and extensive hx of thyroid problems in my family.

could anyone offer some help and advice?!


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Hi there,

Looks like you are experiencing hypothyroid symptoms. Have you been referred to an endocrinologist and have you been started on any medication?

Sometimes even though your levels may seem in range, you still may get symptoms.

Have they offered you treatment options regarding the goitre?

I had an ultrasound where they apparently found multiple cysts/nodules but no treatment yet.

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thanks so much for your reply!

Ive had absolutely no treatment offered. a very unhelpful gp over the phone who just suggested it wasn't my thyroid as the results are in range. I'm beside myself, I have been so unwell this year which is not like me!

my serum folate is also very low and platelets a tad over, but I don't know if this could be at all related.

would a gp offer any further treatment with results within range?


You're welcome!

Sorry to hear that. I was feeling quite unwell but put it down to anxiety until I had a blood test and gp was shocked to hear I was hyperthyroid and referred me to an endocrinologist within 2 weeks. I think it was because I'm really young and gp said it's quite unusual for my age. My folate levels were also low, and I was given supplements.

They should take into account of how unwell you are feeling and offer you treatment especially due to your goitre and the fact that thyroid issues run in your family. During my first endo appt, I was asked if anyone in my family had thyroid issues. My levels are now range but I still get symptoms, I thought they would discharge me but instead they've said they will see me in two months.

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Have a look on the Thyroid Uk site, they run this forum. Lots of good info some of which I think will say where in the range tour levels should be. Print out anything that furthers your case and present to GP saying you got this information from Thyroid Uk who are recommended by NHS Choices for thyroid dysfunction. May be useful to print out and annotate their list of symptoms as well.

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if you have a large goitre something is wrong and you nedd referral to a good endo

have you been taking iodine or foods that contain a lot of iodine


no I haven't, I wasn't really aware this is something I should be doing?


No iodine is not a good idea to start taking

Whatever it is it needs treating not ignoring especially if your not well

You have a high level of thyroid antibodies so i suspect its the antibody flares that are making you feel ill and that before this your t4 and t3 levels were pretty high so the drop is a huge difference for you and thus you will feel it as demonstrated by your symptoms

Its no good GP dismissing you as " in range " because he has zip idea what your levels were when you felt well ...that is the key point

You have a strong family history of thyroid so a trial of levothyroxine is IMHO warranted


that's a wonderful help, thank you xx


your symptoms could be a number of conditions - including thyroid and pernicious anaemia (an auto-immune condition that affects your ability to absorb B12 and other vitamins and minerals leading to deficiencies.

Did you have a full blood count and a vitamin and mineral levels.

There is quite a strong crossover between auto-immune thyroid and PA.

More on PA on this forum



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