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NDT no longer available on private prescription?


I have been following this forum for quite some time and am grateful for all the sensible advice that is given out. I have been taking NDT for over a year now (never a problem) which I purchase via a private prescription from my endo.

However, on asking my regular endo. for a repeat prescription I am suddenly informed that this is now not possible due to NICE guidelines. Surely this can't be correct? Can anyone shed any light on this? I am trying to clarify if this also affects synthetic T3 and will post back later today or tomorrow.

Obviously I will now need to purchase NDT over the web. Could anyone kindly PM me with where I might be able to obtain some? I have some NDT still in stock (thank goodness) but this won't last forever.

Thanks in advance, Jools.

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Sounds like a smoke screen.

Recent T3 debarcle has just been decided that NHS can NOT ban prescribing T3, if secondary care (endocrinologist, oncologist or psychologist) says it patient has clinical need.

Private prescription for T3 would enable purchase from France or Germany at fraction of UK cost (£20-£30 for 100 tablets compared to £900 in UK )


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Thanks Slow Dragon. I will try asking my endo for a prescription for synthetic T4 and T3. Are you saying that I could purchase T3 from France and Germany provided I had a valid NHS prescription? If so, could you kindly PM where I could purchase in either France or Germany?

Thanks in advance.


NHS will only allow NHS T3 if prescribed by NHS endocrinologist.

A private prescription only can allow access to European T3

French is 25mcg and German is 20mcg

It is possible, with helpful GP and Pharmacist to get cheaper T3 on NHS using NHS prescription see these links



Private prescription £1 a tablet


NHS can and does use cheaper alternatives


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Thanks again Slow Dragon. I will know more this afternoon when I see my endo...

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