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morningside t3

i have been taking morningside t3 for 2 days now and feel absolutely awful on it. boots have changed brand . i was on mercury pharma. all my old symptoms have come back from when on thyroxine. i cant function as feel so awful and ill. Boots have said they only get morningside now and i am the only person locally who is prescribed t3. what can i do? i am desperate

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Which T3 is Morningside packaging? Ring around and find an independent chemist who is not tied into a contract or find an online chemist who can supply your previous brand.


I have only been on Morningside Healthcare T3 for four days. It's certainly VERY VERY different. For me in a good way.....so far (fingers crossed)

I think Airmed found it positive experience

I actually could only get Mercury Pharma at my local Boots....had to go to Tesco (who were very helpful) and ordered Morningside in for me. I was finding Mercury Pharma less and less potent (sell by date was ridiculously tight)

You could try Tesco, local independent pharmacies, LLoyds etc

I always have to ring around a LOT of pharmacies to find Mercury Pharma Levo

They all work differently in different people and also even varies what time of day we take them too



Yes happily for me, have found it to be much better. Have gone back to expired Mercury pharm and have put weight back on for no apparent reason and other hypo bits nothing too serious. Obliged to take as cost and want to keep a supply in hand. Am so looking forward to starting Morningside T3 again next month. Hope all going well with you still.

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Do you mean you prefer merury pharma t3. Morningside felt unwell on


still confused. do you mean mercury pharma is better morningside


As I understand it, Airmed preferred the Morningside T3.

Just shows how different we all are.


I picked up MP T3 from Rowlands pharmacy during the week. Is there one near you?


yes there is one near me but my repeat prescriptions are with boots. how do i change it



How did it get set to Boots in the first place?

I always just pick up the paper prescription and take it wherever I wish. Hence I have not been involved in choosing a pharmacy for repeats - and cannot advise.


i cant remember to be honest . will have to look into it


I am also getting on better with Morningside T3 - seems stronger and has a really long date.

Your repeat prescription with Boots will have been set by you. Next time you collect your electronic prescription just cancel it for future prescriptions. Then you’ll need to either collect a paper prescription once a month from your surgery or set up another electronic prescription with another pharmacy.

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You are not alone!

I found Morningside T3 awful too - see my posts:

* New Morningside T3 - comments on efficacy and side-effects please?

* Morningside T3 Disaster Daaahlings! *Help please?

(Sorry, cannot get the links to work)

I spoke to a number of Pharmacists & this is what I gleaned:

-Boots have only one central supplier/wholesaler and so are tied to what they can get (I presume that they will get the cheapest even if it's only by 20 pence) and could only get Morningside T3 for the foreseeable future

-Other independent Pharmacies will be able to get Mercury Pharma T3 (I found one 200 miles away who would post on receipt of NHS Prescription!)

-In the end my local LLOYDS PHARMACY was able to get Mercury Pharma T3 & ordered some in specifically for me. I had to get a new (generic T3) Prescription from my GP's surgery and physically take it to Lloyds - the Pharmacist there was very helpful.

-My Repeat Prescription is/was set up with Boots - you just ask at your GP's surgery to change it. Most straightforward to just pick up the green Prescription chit for a while, while you establish which Pharmacy can regularly get you the Mercury Pharma T3.

I hope that this is helpful and that you have now sourced some Mercury Pharma T3 from a local pharmacy.

I know that it's tough to try and sort this out when you feel so awful, but you will get there.

Big hugs,


Boots can now get Mercury Pharma T3 again, apparently there was a manufacturing problem.


How did you get on?

Boots are now able to get Mercury Pharma T3 again.

It took weeks for things to settle down again after getting back on MP T3.

But now I feel terrible - but the opposite kind of terrible to the Morningside T3 - instead of feeling hyper, I now feel 'hypo' - under-medicated I guess?


I have been taking mercury pharma again from boots which is much better than Morningside but still don't feel well. I have ordered some thyroid s tablets from Thailand which many people take. Will let you know how I get on


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