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Just back from GPs who won't prescribe T3. I've been on Armour Thyroid for 10 years but trying Thyroxine and T3 because i) cost of AT ii) can be difficult to get hold of and iii) my private consultant is retiring. The GP initially prescribed, overriding everything on her system that was saying not too - I was last prescribed Liothyronine back in 2003. I have just seen posts about the price hike and GPs now refusing to prescribe. I was told today they have to refer me to an ENDO (fine) but in the meantime, will not prescribe. So that potentially leaves me meds-free for how long? I've been well for 10 years after 3 years living like a zombie before Dr Skinner sorted me out with the support of my then GP. I have a meeting with the head partner of the surgery on Tuesday and want to have all my arguments at the ready and, ideally, with evidence that GPs elsewhere are prescribing T3. Any thoughts?

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Are you saying your GP is currently prescribing Levothyroxine and T3 but has suddenly decided to no longer prescribe T3? Your GP should continue prescribing until you have seen an endocrinologist.

The BTA issued guidance in Dec about GPs withdrawing T3 due to cost. See in british-thyroid-association...

The BTA has also responded to NHS England's consultation in british-thyroid-association...

GPs are prescribing T3 but we won't be able to provide evidence of whether it was recommended by an endocrinologist first.


I have been on Armour for 10 years but my consultant is retiring, she's the third one I've had, and it' difficult to find someone I can get to who will prescribe it. Plus it's really expensive. I decided to give T4/T3 another go. I saw a new GP at my surgery. The system wouldn't let her prescribe Liothyronine so she went back to the last time I had it (probs about 2006) and generated a repeat prescription from that. She said she kept having to override messages saying she couldn't prescribe it. But I got my prescription. A month later I get a call from the surgery asking me to come in to discuss, guess what? Liothyronine and the fact that the surgery won't prescribe it. And yes, they've said they'll stop now, even before I get to see an endocrinologist. I'm seeing the surgery main partner on Tuesday to try and talk him round - at the very least to keep prescribing until I've seen the specialist and have alternatives. When I said, "so you're going to leave me meds-free until I get an NHS appointment which could take months...." she apologised and said yes! Thanks for your reply. I'm about to read your links.


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