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GP gave me my t3 after refusing it yesterday

Just wanted to update you all. Yesterday I posted that my GP refused my t3 prescription as dictated by my nhs Endo. I saw her today and she said that have been stopped prescribing it and it is not in their formulary. She said she could give me thyroxine. I said I was intolerant and that is why Endo suggested t3. She seemed surprised that I had a months prescription from the surgery and said 'let me look on the computer' where she said that they have changed it again and they are able to prescribe it if you have been started on it by your Endo. She asked me if that was the case which I said it was. She said we have to prescribe it then. Then she asked if I knew how much it cost, which I did and she told me that thyroxine would only be £1.60. We then had a chat about price differences in the UK compared to the rest of Europe. i told her that thyroid patients are trying to get investigations into why this is happening. She said 'good, you keep fighting your end and we will fight our end'. I was really surprised that I didn't have more of a fight on my hands especially since she said no yesterday.

Thanks for all the advice.

Best wishes all

Carolineanne x

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"we will fight our end" ..... I'm so surprised that GPs bother to fight, they don't give that impression. Apologies but I'm in a cynical mood :-)


Thanks for posting such reassuring info CarolineAnne. Great news for you too.

Keep well


Some doctors just get it. Like radiologist/gp performing my thyroid scan said she had studied basics of thyroid around 1980 and she learned and firmly believes T3 is THE thing based on what they knew back then and recent studies.

Meaning if you are on T4 only T3 should be monitored and T3 prescribed if necessary. She also said she has seen it during the years that if your thyroid doesn't work for any reason then nothing works.

Your GP sounds like one of those doctors who has common sense. We need more of them! So nice to hear for you things sorted out without going through unnecessary battle.


My GP is similar and advised they have to question due to cost but if evidence shows improvement as mine has on t3 they will continue to prescribe 😀 I think I am more on the defensive as I know how difficult it is to get the meds we need


You must be very relieved, CarolineAnne.

I think it's wrong your doctor mentioned the cost of T3. You need it whether it costs £2.58 per month or £258 and patients have no control over the cost of medicines.


I thought the same, Clutter. Hardly the patient's fault that a different drug is needed - and definitely not the patient's fault that the pharmaceutical company who provides liothyronine in the UK is "having a laugh" - at our expense.


Crazy pricing. Especially as T3 can be bought over the counter, without prescription, in Greece for 95p for pack of 30.


At least this is a positive outcome. Let's hope it's catching!


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